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In-House Partnership Program

  • Custom-tailored support solution for biomed departments who choose to service the STERIS equipment owned by the facility
  • Delivers comprehensive, flexible tools and support to help your biomed technician team succeed


STERIS In-House Partnership Program is a flexible and custom-tailored support solution for biomed departments who choose to service the STERIS equipment owned by the facility. By partnering with your in-house biomedical equipment technician team, STERIS’s partnership program delivers comprehensive, flexible tools and support to help your team succeed in maintaining your equipment.

Why STERIS In-House Partnership Program?

The STERIS In-House Partnership Program empowers your biomed technician team to maximize uptime through a variety of tools and support:

  • Remote Monitoring – Take an inside look at your medical equipment, including active alarms, cycle times and more, from any electronic device
  • Digital Operator Manuals and Maintenance Manuals – Access from any electronic device to help troubleshoot equipment
  • Checklists for Preventive Maintenance (PM) – Access the latest preventive maintenance checklist to help with scheduled PMs
  • PM Parts Auto-Ship – Ensure your biomed technician team has the right parts at the right time
  • Parts On Hand – Minimize downtime with a stock of frequently replaced parts
  • Training – Cultivate your team’s expertise on STERIS equipment at your facility or our training center
  • ConnectCare* – An innovative digital solution that centralizes information via an online portal and mobile app. ConnectCare helps your team maintain STERIS equipment and delivers unique partnership benefits.

In-House Partnership Outcomes

Support Positive Patient Outcomes

Support Positive Patient Outcomes – Advance the ultimate mission of your healthcare facility

Meet Facility Metrics

Meet Facility Metrics – Contribute to your facility’s overall success and achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Deliver Maximum Uptime

Deliver Maximum Uptime – Keep patients and staff satisfied and cases on schedule

Experience Optimal Equipment Performance

Experience Optimal Equipment Performance – Minimize unplanned equipment downtime and maximize effectiveness

Ensure PM compliance

Ensure PM Compliance – Feel confident that your equipment is well maintained—and The Joint Commission (TJC) survey-ready

Be Fully Trained

Be Fully Trained – Support your team’s knowledge of STERIS equipment

Ready Access To Documentation

Ready Access to Documentation – Get the checklists for preventive maintenance, service manuals, and reports you need, when you need them

*M!Link is now ConnectCare, learn more about Equipment Care Plans and ConnectCare here.

SecureCare® Equipment Care Plans

  • Offers installation, inspection, support, service parts and labor for every area of a healthcare facility
  • Budget Friendly Options

Preventive Maintenance Services for Healthcare Equipment

  • Regularly servicing your equipment with STERIS recommended preventive maintenance helps to extend the useful life of the equipment and minimizes equipment breakdown.
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