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Offsite Reprocessing Services

STERIS Offsite Reprocessing Centers (ORCs) allow you to maintain and increase surgical volumes while improving the efficiency of your SPD.

Offsite Reprocessing Services

As sterile processing continues to evolve, sterile processing departments (SPDs) face daily challenges with staffing shortages and surgical case volume increases. Ensuring your department runs efficiently and complies with manufacturers’ Instructions For Use (IFUs) and regulatory requirements is crucial. As an industry expert in sterile processing, STERIS processes over 150 million instruments annually for our Customers. Sending your surgical instrument trays to a STERIS ORC allows you to confidently maintain and increase surgical volumes while improving the efficiency of the SPD in your hospital or ambulatory surgery center (ASC).



Rendering of a STERIS Offsite Reprocessing Center

Why an ORC?

  • Reduces daily instrument tray backlogs and surgical case delays resulting from SPD capacity restraints
  • Improve vendor loaner tray reprocessing and tray management with Sterile Ready℠
  • Ability to meet current surgical case volumes and be prepared for future surgical volume growth
  • Enhances patient safety through a reduction in tray assembly errors, dirty or missing surgical instruments
  • Increase surgeon and OR staff satisfaction
  • Enhance IFU compliance


When to Consider a STERIS ORC

  • Lack of space in your SPD creates tray backlogs and impacts quality
  • Increasingly complex trays and IFUs
  • Difficulties reprocessing and managing vendor loaner trays, laparoscopic trays, and other challenging instrument trays
  • Challenges maintaining required IFU compliance
  • Frustrated staff and leadership
  • Planning for renovations
  • Contingency for unforeseen shutdowns and maintaining OR schedules
  • Struggling to maintain SPD staff and/or relying heavily on a staffing agency to fill provisional needs for your department
  • Short or long-term outsourcing of sterile processing
A busy, overcrowded SPD
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Steps of the ORC Process

The Eight Step Offsite Reprocessing Process

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STERIS ORC Offerings

STERIS ORC turn-key sterile processing services help address the challenges of your in-house SPD by providing:


Transportation and Logistics

STERIS offers pick-up of dirty trays and Sterile Ready tray delivery to healthcare facilities in a climate-controlled truck. In addition, we utilize transfer carts to transport instrument trays to and from the ORC safely.


Sterile Ready℠

The Sterile Ready services provide a full range of reprocessing services at our ORCs, from decontamination, inspection, assembly, and sterilization. Including:

  • Offsite reprocessing services for decontamination, washing, sterilization, and assembly of reusable surgical instrument tray sets.
  • Pick-up and delivery services for the transportation of surgical instrument tray sets between healthcare facilities and ORCs.
  • Storage and replenishment of sterile and non-sterile medical devices and equipment at our ORC.
SPD personnel scanning surgical equipment


SPD personnel arranging surgical tools to be processed

Emergency Service Support For Your SPD

Any challenges stemming from increased surgical volume, utility issues, renovations, and construction can cause sterile processing downtime. STERIS emergency services help support both partial and complete shutdown of your SPD, allowing facilities to outsource sterile processing departments for the short or long term.

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3D rendering of an SPD

Team Up With An Experienced Partner

We offer a wide range of services and products to address your sterile processing and reprocessing needs. From steam sterilizers to offsite reprocessing centers, increase your SPD productivity and enhance patient safety.


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