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Surgical Device Repair

  • Comprehensive, high-quality repair support for a wide range of surgical devices
  • Helps reduce downtime and extend the life of your surgical devices, including rigid endoscopes, surgical power equipment, video equipment, and ophthalmic equipment
  • Maximize the lifespan of your surgical devices


Service Overview

Surgical devices are vital to everyday use in the Operating Room (OR). STERIS Surgical Device Repair provides comprehensive, high-quality repair support for a wide range of devices. After extended use, surgical devices will need repairs and maintenance to prolong their life and maximize performance. From Rigid endoscopes to ophthalmic equipment, our repair services ensure your devices are procedure ready, keeping your healthcare facility running smoothly at all times by reducing downtime and extending the life of your surgical equipment.

How STERIS Surgical Device Repair Solution Works

STERIS Surgical Device Service offers repair and maintenance on various types of surgical devices. Our highly trained technicians can perform a comprehensive range of repairs to your surgical equipment keeping your facility running efficiently. Our technicians perform all surgical device repairs under the STERIS certified Quality Management Systems. STERIS utilizes the latest 3D modeling software to measure, inspect and verify parts and components of your surgical devices. In addition to our repairs, we provide your facility with the information to properly take care of surgical devices and recommendations on how to best maintain devices.

Why the Surgical Device Repair Service?

  • Comprehensive device repair capabilities – Highly-qualified technicians perform detailed repair analysis based on individual device performance and safety specifications.
  • Quality management – Our technicians perform all surgical device repairs under the STERIS certified quality management system.
  • Repair process validation – We verify and validate parameters of your surgical devices, including optics, mechanical, electrical, performance, and durability.
  • Extend Surgical Device lifespan – Peace of mind that your surgical devices are working at peak performance and procedure ready utilizing on-site preventive maintenance tools.
  • Technology – We utilize the latest in 3D modeling software to measure, inspect, and verify parts and components of your surgical devices.
  • Warranty – Our service plans include a one-year warranty and preventive maintenance to help extend the life of your surgical equipment.
  • Additional educational offerings – Broad educational resources to provide the knowledge and tools to educate your staff and reduce unnecessary repair costs and medical equipment damage.
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STERIS offers a broad range of repair services for your surgical devices, including:

Rigid endoscopes – STERIS can repair and exchange common makes and models of rigid endoscopes. Common scope repairs include bent tubing, physically damaged light fibers at the distal end, or optical relay misalignment. Without proper care and maintenance, damage to rigid endoscopes can impact surgical performance and risk patient safety. Our comprehensive endoscope maintenance and restoration can decrease downtime and increase the functional life of these surgical devices.

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Rigid Endoscope Repair
Surgical Power Equipment Repair

Power equipment, including drills, saws, drivers, and attachments – Due to the surgical environment, surgical power equipment can be at an increased risk for repairs and maintenance. STERIS can help extend your power tools without sacrificing performance and/or quality. Our repair services include pneumatic, battery-operated, and electric for orthopedic and neurology equipment.


Video equipment, including cameras, couplers, and light cords – Video cameras and equipment are vital to everyday use in the OR and must be working at peak performance. STERIS provides high-quality repair services for most makes and models of video cameras, couplers, and light cords. STERIS rapidly returns them to the original performance standards.

Surgical Video Equipment Repair
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Types of Surgical Device Damage

Improper handling of surgical devices, inadequate quality control between surgical procedures, and not following the OEM IFUs could all lead to poor performance of the device, cause frustration in the OR, and compromise patient safety. Below are common examples of damaged surgical devices and concerns to watch out for:

Distal Window Gap on a Rigid Endoscope

Gaps in the distal window of a Rigid Endoscope that can hold debris

Camera Damage on Endoscope

Electrical connector is physically damaged on a camera

Surgical Camera Repair

Cable is kinked and melted on a camera

Bent Shaft on Endoscope

Bent shaft on a rigid endoscope

Surgical Power Drill

Rust on the outside of a surgical power drill

Surgical Power Drill Interior Corrosion

Corrosion in the interior of a surgical power drill

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