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Surgical and Examination Lighting Systems

Surgical Lighting and Medical Examination Lighting

Quality lighting is essential for every operating room. STERIS offers a variety of high-quality LED surgical lights and medical examination lights to meet the needs of today's operating rooms and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC). STERIS surgical lights and examination lights deliver pure white light that enhances deep saturated reds and colors, minimizes shadows and uses 34% less heat, saving energy.

Surgical Lights

Surgical Lights

High-quality surgical lights provide natural color rendition, excellent shadow control, and deep-cavity illumination, helping you accurately and consistently assess and interpret tissue and vessel appearance.

Exam Lighting

Medical Examination Lights

Medical examination lighting systems provide bright white, cool lighting for exams and minor procedures.

MedLED Spectra Surgical Headlight

MedLED Spectra Surgical Headlight

  • Cordless surgical headlight with two rechargeable batteries integrated on the head strap
  • Fast-charging lithium batteries deliver a longer life than other LED headlights and can be changed without the light turning off
  • Available in three light options allowing you to choose which headlight best fits your needs
  • Patented padding system and both hard or velcro-top options offer optimal comfort and customization

Specialty Lights

Specialty Lights

Specialty lighting systems, including in-ceiling lights and labor and delivery lights, provide high-intensity,color-corrected lighting for critical care and labor and delivery settings.

Surgical Light Handle Covers

Surgical Light Accessories

  • Surgical light handles and surgical light handle covers
  • Video connectivity system

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