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GI Bleed Treatment Devices & Irrigation Accessories

Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding refers to bleeding that can occur in the gastrointestinal tract including the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon. Often times, gastrointestinal bleeding is considered a medical emergency. STERIS Endoscopy has set a new standard for GI bleed treatment devices and irrigation accessories designed to help patient outcomes. Our GI bleed intervention devices include the Padlock Clip® defect closure system that facilitates full circumferential tissue closure and the world-renowned Carr-Locke injection needle developed to perform in the most tortuous conditions. STERIS Endoscopy offers GI bleed treatment devices and irrigation accessories to address nearly all of your bleed management needs during endoscopic and other related procedures.



AquaShield® Water Bottle System

The disposable AquaShield® system offers an alternative option to reprocessing reusable water bottle systems.


BioShield® Biopsy Valves and Irrigation Accessories

Our full line of BioShield® biopsy valves and accessories are single-use, offering protection from cross-contamination for patients.

BioVac Direct Suction Device

BioVac Direct Suction Device

Known as 'super suction for your endoscope', the BioVac® device offers superior suction power and volume during the evacuation of gelatinous materials from the GI tract.

Bipolar Hemostasis Probes

Bipolar Hemostasis Probes

With a Hydromer tip to mitigate tissue sticking to the probe tips, its universal length can be used for EGD, enteroscopy and colonoscopy.


Injection Needles

Our every day injection needle offerings include the Carr-Locke needle and Articulator needle - both dependable solutions for your injection therapy needs. From saline assisted polypectomy to esophageal varices, and tatooing, we have a solution for you.

Padlock Clip Defect Closure System

Padlock Clip Defect Closure System

  • Features an over-the-scope endoscopic clip designed to encircle, lift, close, and heal tissue defects
  • Attaches to the outside of the endoscope
  • Provides an open and free instrument channel for optimal endoscope suction and utilization of through-the-scope devices
  • Deploys via a "push of the thumb",  one hand actuation
  • GI (gastrointestinal) clip lays flat against the tissue once deployed
  • Labeled magnetic resonance (MR) conditional – a patient can be safely scanned in an MR system with static magnetic field of 1.5. and 3 Tesla

Torrent Irrigation Pump

Torrent® Irrigation Pump

Our full line of irrigation solutions now includes the Torrent irrigation pump - designed to provide consistent flow rates during endoscope procedures when used in conjunction with the Torrent® irrigation tubing and Torrent® scope connector.

Torrent® Irrigation System

The Torrent irrigation system offers a dependable solution including both capital and consumable products for intraprocedural irrigation.