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Surgical Instruments

Patient safety and infection control is paramount. STERIS offers a wide range of high-quality surgical instruments to meet the needs of surgeons in the Operating Room. From QuickRelease® Kerrisions Rongeurs to single-use sterile instruments, our portfolio of instruments cover various applications such as cervical and lumbar spinal procedures and procedures performed in maternity and women's health centers. Select a surgical instrument category below to learn more about specific products, specifications, and procedural applications.


rongeurs surgical instrument

QuickRelease® Kerrisons

  • Designed to remove small portions of bone and soft tissue
  • Offers surgeons precise visibility and balance for minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Take-apart design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning; hinge design eliminates lost/mismatched parts when reassembling after cleaning
  • Durable 2-step disassembly process reduces the chance of the Kerrison Rongeur accidentally opening during procedures

Single Use Sterile Surgical Instruments

Single-Use Sterile Instruments

  • Designed to meet the demands of both inpatient and outpatient use
  • Increase overall efficiencies for healthcare providers
  • Extensive range of high-quality disposable surgical instruments, including clamps, forceps, scissors, speculas, needle holders, and sterile procedure packs
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