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Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Snowden-Pencer™ and V. Mueller™ laparoscopic surgical instrumentation help surgeons safely and effectively perform procedures to improve patient lives. Laparoscopic surgeries tend to decrease postoperative pain and promote quicker recovery time*. We offer 3-mm trocars for microscopic procedures, resulting in better cosmesis and patient post-surgery comfort**. Our industry-leading portfolio gives you over 300 configurations, from laparoscopes to laparoscopic scissors, to confidently accomplish nearly any surgical task. Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic instruments feature an easy-to-use integrated ratchet mechanism that allows the surgeon to use the same instrument with or without a ratchet.

5mm wavy grasper

Snowden- Pencer Laparoscopic Instrumentation

  • Laparoscopic instrumentation offers a wide variety of jaw patterns, including clamps, needle holders, graspers, and dissectors
  • 3-mm laparoscopic instruments offer jaw features closely scaled to standard laparoscopic instrument size and provide maximum tissue purchase while minimizing skin tissue trauma and abdominal wall damage
  • The Snowden-Pencer Ergonomic Ring Handle distributes pressure more evenly, which may help reduce the potential for intraoperative hand fatigue and temporary digital nerve compression
  • Explore Snowden-Pencer laparoscopes, modular systems, ergonomic and traditional in-line and pistol single-piece laparoscopic instrumentation, ring-handled single-piece laparoscopic instrumentation, reposable/disposable laparoscopic scissors, microlaparoscopy instruments, articulating instruments, retractors, side-lock instrumentation, and stainless single-piece instrumentation


V. Mueller Laparoscopic Instrumentation

V. Mueller Laparoscopic Instrumentation

  • V. Mueller Laparoscopic modular system provides standardized assembly and disassembly, allowing for straightforward inspection during cleaning to help support sterility initiatives
  • The two-piece 3-mm micro laparoscopic portfolio uses the same ergonomic handles as our three-piece 5-mm and 10-mm instruments, providing a versatile portfolio of modular laparoscopic instruments
  • Surgical retractors provide better access to the surgical site, creating optimal conditions for surgeons
  • Choose from various single-piece and slide-lock instrumentation, such as surgical clamps, dissectors, graspers, needle holders, scissors, handle selections, and biopsy punches


Specialty Lap Instruments

Specialty Laparoscopic Accessories

  • Choose from smooth and threaded cannulas, pyramidal and conical obturators, probes, Veress needles, bipolar and monopolar cables, antifog solutions, drapes, and other accessories for minimally invasive surgeries
  • Laparoscopic accessories offer a cost-effective alternative to disposables: color-coded interchangeable devices compatible with fully autoclavable design
  • Premium Trocar has a luer-lock connector and a 5.5mm diameter stainless steel cannula


Electrosurgical Instruments

Electrosurgical Instrumentation

  • Electrosurgical instrumentation enables surgeons to perform precise and efficient tissue manipulation, minimizing bleeding and enhancing patient outcomes
  • Comprehensive electrosurgical instrumentation portfolio, including single-piece and two-piece monopolar electrodes, suction electrodes, and bipolar forceps designed to achieve efficient coagulation and cutting
  • KLEPPINGER Bipolar Forceps come in a syringe-style and scissors-style handle without tongs with 5 mm shaft diameters and 32 & 45 cm shaft lengths


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