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Sterile Processing Department Accessories

The Sterile Processing Department (SPD) plays a critical role and is responsible for the cleaning, sterilization, preparation, and packing for instruments and medical devices in healthcare facilities. From the AMSCO prep and pack tables to the VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope and Insulation Tester, STERIS offers innovative solutions to improve your workflow and run your SPD as efficiently as possible. Select a product category below to learn more about STERIS Sterile Processing Department Accessories!

Washing and Decontamination Sinks


  • Designed to streamline workflow
  • Increase compliance in reprocessing departments
  • Available in various configurations
  • Height-adjustable options

AMSCO Prep and Pack Table

AMSCO® Prep and Pack Table

  • Optimal ergonomics through electric height adjustment
  • Increased organization with standard and optional accessories
  • Customized setup for your ideal workflow
  • Improve visibility with adjustable overhead LED lighting

Surgical cart

AMSCO® Surgical Case Carts

  • Deep shelves to fit large instrument sets
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Prominent visual indicators show clean/dirty

VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope

VerifEye® 2.0 Video Borescope

  • Assists in visual inspection of medical devices, cannulas, and lumens
  • Inspect any medical devices or scopes with a channel greater than 1.6mm and ureteroscopes with the 1.05mm inspection unit
  • Available in 3 different models to facilitate your specific needs
  • Ability to display images directly to a monitor via HDMI and compatible with virtual meeting software for virtual remote collaboration

verify insulation tester

VerifEye® Insulation Tester

  • Helps to stay compliant with AORN guidelines for the inspection of insulated devices
  • Detects insulation failures in medical devices
  • Capable of testing bipolar and monopolar devices
  • Lightweight, portable unit

Channel cleaning brushes designed to clean surgical instruments with medical grade nylon bristles

Instrument Cleaning Brushes

  • STERIS Instrument Cleaning Brushes help you deliver powerful manual cleaning results for surgical instruments

Sterilization drying cabinets dry heat- and moisture-sensitive devices

AMSCO® Drying Cabinets

  • Help to dry hard-to-reach lumens after manual cleaning, minimizing the risk of compromising the subsequent sterilization or high-level disinfection process
  • Protect devices with exact digital control of surgical instrument drying cabinet temperature
  • Optimize workflow with stand-alone and pass-thru configurations
  • Dual filtration removes 99.97% of particulates from the air

cart washer racks

Cart Washer Racks

  • Cool touch handles allow for immediate handling
  • Container rack holds up to 20 containers with lids and filters
  • Optimize cleaning efficiency with placement from all sides
  • Compatible with most cart washers on the market today

AMSCO Pass Thru Window in SPD CSSD

AMSCO® Automated Pass Through Window

  • Designed to pass through non-submersible or temperature-sensitive devices
  • Helps maintain appropriate air pressure and flow
  • Automated open and close features and no-touch sensor plates
  • Promotes compliance with ANSI/AAMI and ASHRAE standards

Steam Sterilizer Loading Equipment landing page

Steam Sterilizer Loading Equipment

These high capacity carts help maximize productivity and improve throughput.

Diagnostic Solutions Service landing page

Diagnostic Solutions Service

Full-service laboratory testing, analysis, and recommendations of water, steam, and various substrates to help ensure your sterile processing department (SPD) delivers clean and sterile instruments on time.

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