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AMSCO® Surgical Case Carts

  • Deep shelves to fit large instrument sets
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Prominent visual indicators show clean/dirty


AMSCO Surgical Case Carts make instrument transport quick, safe, and simple. Increase your Sterile Processing Department’s productivity with case carts designed for high-capacity transport and ease of use. Stainless steel medical supply carts are durable, with 6” sealed caster wheels and are built to last.

How AMSCO Surgical Case Carts Work

The deep shelves on these procedure case carts allow for large surgical instrument sets and endoscopes. Tuck-away doors swing completely open giving complete access while saving space, and securely lock in place during washing.

AMSCO Case Cart

Why AMSCO Surgical Case Carts?

  • Minimize transport time by maximizing cart space with adjustable shelves
  • Easier loading and unloading with smooth rolling slide-out shelves
  • Easy rolling and navigating through tight spaces with all swivel wheels, directional lock, and brakes
  • Predominant visual indicators show clean/dirty cart status
  • Help avoid damage to wrapped sets with the rounded front shelf edge
  • Cool touch handles allow you to remove carts quickly and safely from the cart washer



Available in 6 sizes to meet your department's needs, with customizable shelf configurations:

Outer Dimensions
D x W x H (inches)*
Cabinet Dimensions
D x W x H (inches)*
ACC242639 28.625 X 36.3125 X 39.625 (Short) 26 X 27.5 X 28.5
ACC243739 28.625 X 47.3125 X 39.625 (Short) 26 X 38.5 X 28.5
ACC244439 28.625 X 54.3125 X 39.625 (Short) 26 X 45.5 X 28.5
ACC242654 28.625 X 36.3125 X 54.625 (Tall) 26 X 27.5 X 43.5
ACC243754 28.625 X 47.3125 X 54.625 (Tall) 26 X 38.5 X 43.5
ACC244454 28.625 X 54.3125 X 54.625 (Tall) 26 X 45.5 X 43.5

*D = Front to Back; W = Handle to Handle; H = Floor to Handle

For Storage/Assembly Station & Utility Carts please contact your STERIS Representative.

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