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As staffing shortages increase, recruiting and retaining qualified Sterile Processing Department (SPD) staff continues to be a challenge in the healthcare industry. Over 90% of our Customers have indicated they are not staffed to their budgeted levels.* STERIS Staffing leverages over 20 years of Sterile Processing and Flexible Endoscopy expertise to help assist our Customers with their short and long-term staffing needs. We work closely with your organization to deliver a comprehensive staffing solution and improve outcomes associated with your SPD.

We strategically partner with your healthcare facility to help quickly and effectively fill staffing gaps and provide emergency support for your Sterile Processing and Flexible Endoscopy Operations.

* Data was pulled from an internal survey conducted with existing STERIS Customers.

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Areas We Serve

Sterile Processing Technician Staffing Agencies 

Sterile Processing

Interim and long-term resources to fill vacancies and provide continuity.

  • Directors
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Educators
  • SPD Technicians
  • QA Auditors
  • Project Specialists
Flexible Endoscopy Staffing 


Dedicated personnel to assist with scope reprocessing and ensure standardization of processes.

  • Endoscopy Technicians
  • Educators
Operating Room Liaisons 

Operating Room

Personnel to ensure communication and collaboration between your
OR and SPD, provide tray QAs,
collect and report quality data,
or provide full interoperative
and SPD accountability for
specific procedures.

  • Operating Room Liaisons
  • Endoscopy Specialists Supporting Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Procedures
  • Project Specialists
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Service Offerings

Emergency/Weekend Staffing

Many SPDs face significant instrument tray backlogs at the end of the week. Our emergency Weekend Blitz™ staffing service helps alleviate this burden by providing rapid deployment of tray specialists with a goal of zero unprocessed trays on Monday morning.

Surgical Instrument Tray Backlog


Sterile Processing Technician Interim Staffing

Interim/Temporary Staffing

With extensive reliance on agency/contract labor to fill staffing and leadership voids, STERIS has significantly invested in providing a better alternative. Our SPD and Flexible Endoscopy specialists are Certified by Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) and/or Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA). They receive extensive support and training from our education, compliance, and quality assurance team to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest standards.


Long-Term Staffing

Many Customers are tired of the revolving doors in Sterile Processing and Flexible Endoscopy and are faced with extensive costs associated with managing turnover (recruiting, hiring, onboarding, education, etc.) To ensure continuity, stability, and consistent outcomes, STERIS can recruit and hire local specialists for long-term contracts.

Sterile Processing Long-Term Staffing


3D rendering of an SPD

Team up with an experienced partner

We offer a wide range of solutions and products to address your sterile processing and reprocessing needs. From steam sterilizers to offsite reprocessing centers, increase your SPD productivity and enhance patient safety.


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