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Surgical Booms

STERIS Surgical Booms –  also known as medical booms or operating room (OR) booms – have a sleek and compact design, allowing the nurse line of sight to the sterile field and the surgeon unrestricted access to the patient. STERIS offers multiple hospital boom configurations and ceiling mount options for surgical suites and intensive care units (ICUs) including side-by-side or central tandem, straight drop units, and single or dual arm units to offer a fit for every room. Whether building a new OR, renovating an existing surgery suite, or replacing your current equipment management system, STERIS has the solution that gives you more room to operate.


STERIS pendant arm systems

HarmonyAIR Surgical Booms

HarmonyAIR® Surgical Booms provide a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs, yet easily move through the OR with grace and precision on high-performance, ultra-glide bearings. Ergonomic handles provide comfort while the motorized equipment column’s control features allow you to intuitively move the column easily and stay on task.

HarmonyAIR Surgical Boom

HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column

  • Sleek, compact equipment column available as single and dual fixed height and dual adjustable, arm systems
  • Precision placement with electromechanical brakes and robust bearings
  • Customizable OR utility column length and ergonomic control handles
  • Future ready for modular growth with accessories and expansion modules
  • Choose from single mount, side-by-side tandem, or central tandem ceiling mounted boom

HarmonyAIR® Supply Head

  • Compact horizontal orientation to act as a perfusion or anesthesia boom depending on the need
  • Multiple surgical arm systems available - straight drop, single and dual fixed-height arm systems, and dual adjustable-height arm systems
  • Ambient light located on the bottom of the head offers visibility during procedures
  • Loop handle provides a single point of control

HarmonyAIR Monitor Carrier

HarmonyAIR® Monitor Carrier

  • Ceiling mounted monitor arm system for complex room environments
  • Compatible with any imaging vendor and imaging system
  • 4 configurations available to accommodate multiple specialties or requirements
  • Large horizontal and vertical adjustment ranges for precise positioning
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Surgical Boom Accessories

Expansion modules and other available accessories such as clinical and equipment shelves, IV poles, and medical monitor arms allow the unit to grow as needs evolve. Blank plates enable you to add data, video integration, or other post-install items when you’re ready for them.

Surgical Boom Accessories


  • Hundreds of customizable accessories available
  • Provides flexibility, modularity, and ergonomics in the OR
  • Choose from clinical and equipment shelves, equipment rails, IV and medical gas support, monitor arms, and organization tools

Medical monitor arm

Monitor Arms

  • Variety of monitor arms for mounting surgical displays and patient monitoring devices to surgical booms
  • Allow for effortless lifting of heavy monitors due to spring force resistance
  • Function and design enables optimal color adjustment
  • Spacious cable ducts enable accommodation of up to seven data lines and power cables

IV pump pole

IV Support

  • IV support equipment including IV transfer system, IV poles, scope holder, IV pump support, and cable management extension arm
  • TAD™ IV Transfer System enables safe movement of infusion and other pole-mounted equipment from a stationary position on a wall or surgical boom to a hospital bed, and vice versa   

Medical chart shelves

Clinical and Equipment Shelves

  • Clinical and Equipment Shelves for surgical booms used for storing surgical equipment, accessories, and patient medical charts
  • Can attach to the HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column to optimize Operating Room space
  • Variety of sizes and options available, including mayo trays and workstation shelves

medical equipment rail

Equipment Rails

  • Medical equipment rails provide flexibility to add snap-on accessories for surgical booms and accessory poles
  • Variety of sizes and options available, including compact rails, cross rails, and heavy-duty rails

thermometer holder

Organizational Tools

  • Variety of organizational tools for use with surgical booms
  • Various holders for medical accessories such as catheters, thermometers, speculums, and transducers

HarmonyAIR Smoke Evacuation System

HarmonyAIR® Smoke Evacuation System

  • Surgical smoke evacuation system to effectively manage surgical smoke plume
  • Integrated installation and compact design frees vital shelf space
  • Variable filter life of up to 35 hours (~ 3 months) reduces procedure costs
  • Compact, simple design minimizes training needs and enhances utilization
  • 3-Port filter design eliminates adapters
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