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HarmonyAIR® Supply Head

  • Compact horizontal orientation to act as a perfusion or anesthesia boom depending on the need
  • Multiple surgical arm systems available - straight drop, single and dual fixed-height arm systems, and dual adjustable-height arm systems
  • Ambient light located on the bottom of the head offers visibility during procedures
  • Loop handle provides a single point of control


The HarmonyAIR Supply Head is ceiling-mounted to free up valuable Operating Room (OR) floor space and can be used as an anesthesia boom or perfusion boom.

How the HarmonyAIR Supply Head Works

The supply head units are custom designed to meet anesthesia and perfusion needs, ensuring your medical gas, electrical and audio/visual data service needs are met. HarmonyAIR Supply Heads enable 360° of equipment access while organizing all service needs to one centralized location, enhancing OR staff efficiency.

Why the HarmonyAIR Supply Head?

HarmonyAIR Supply Heads provide a graceful, light-as-air experience, and are easy and comfortable to move, so you can perform procedures with less fatigue and frustration. The slim design allows you to work as close as possible to the patient yet maintain proximity to the anesthesia and/or perfusion equipment.

The HarmonyAIR Supply Head offers

  • Completely customizable options – Each supply head is customizable for your specific needs. Choose between straight drop units, single or dual fixed height arm systems or height adjustable arm systems that are set at your height preference. Two supply head sizes are available to accommodate any and all utility needs.
  • Precision placement to improve your workflow – Robust ultra-glide bearings ensure the ceiling mounted boom arm moves smoothly and easily with little effort, allowing frictionless positioning. Electromechanical brakes eliminate drift and are more reliable and less costly to operate than other braking systems.
  • Integrated loop handle provides a single point of control – The control features are clearly indicated with intuitive icons to allow you to move the supply head or control the supplemental ambient light. The design of the supply head loop handle feels natural – not awkward – for a feeling of ultimate comfort and control.
  • Small size to get close to the patient – The HarmonyAIR Supply Head works around your needs and room set-up preferences. You can easily see around it and it is out of the way from other staff and equipment. Its efficient design is purposefully small and agile so you can work up close to the patient while still near the medical equipment you need.
  • Optimal patient access – With a small, compact design, you have plenty of room to operate. Anesthesiologists and perfusionists are not limited in accessing their equipment, and support staff can maintain a line of sight to the surgical field while positioning.
  • Smart accessories for your needs – Add a monitor arm to customize your case load and workflow, meeting additional viewing needs and improving the organization, safety and efficiency of your OR.
  • Future-ready convenience – Blank plates enable you to add data, video integration, or other post-install items when you are ready for them.

Each supply head is custom configured to ensure your unique needs are addressed. Units are designed to provide medical gas, electrical and low voltage audio/visual data services, while managing surgical support equipment. Service quantity, type and location on the unit are designated during the custom configuration process.

Supply heads are available with the following options:

  • Dimensions - 24 or 30" W x 9" D x 8" H (610 or 732 x 229 x 203mm) 
  • Up to 10 Gas Outlets
  • Up to 10 Electric Outlets
  • Straight Drop Down Tube Length - 12 - 48" in 4" increments
  • Single Arm Fixed Height - 24-48" (600-1200mm)
  • Dual Arm Fixed Height - 48-96" (1200-2400mm)
  • Dual Arm Adjustable Height - 64-88" (1600-2200mm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity - up to 70lb (32kg)
  • Unused service locations are covered with anodized blank plates and are easily removed to accommodate future needs

STERIS takes the anxiety and guesswork out of equipment planning and installation. To ensure HarmonyAIR Surgical Booms meet your facility's individual specifications, our Planning & Design teams will collaborate with you throughout the planning and installation process.

Contact the Planning & Design team here.

  • 3-D Virtual Reality Programs
  • Equipment Configuration Software
  • Design/Build CAD & BIM Programs
  • Workflow & Space Analysis
  • Production & Utilization Studies
  • Customer Solutions Center
  • Pre/Post Order Equipment Submittal Packages

STERIS Architect Portal

View, download and print technical information, including tech data, equipment drawings, AutoCAD blocks, Revit family objects and more.

Surgical Boom Accessories

HarmonyAIR® Smoke Evacuation System

  • Surgical smoke evacuation system to effectively manage surgical smoke plume
  • Integrated installation and compact design frees vital shelf space

IV Support

  • IV support equipment including IV transfer system, IV poles, scope holder, IV pump support, and cable management extension arm
  • TAD™ IV Transfer System enables safe movement of infusion and other pole-mounted equipment from a stationary position on a wall or surgical boom to a hospital bed, and vice versa 

Monitor Arms

  • Variety of monitor arms for mounting surgical displays and patient monitoring devices to surgical booms
  • Allow for effortless lifting of heavy monitors due to spring force resistance

Clinical and Equipment Shelves

  • Clinical and Equipment Shelves for surgical booms used for storing surgical equipment, accessories, and patient medical charts
  • Can attach to the HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column to optimize Operating Room space
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