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Surgical Instrument Repair Services

  • Comprehensive repair services for surgical instruments, positioning devices, retractor systems, case carts, and operating room (OR) rolling equipment
  • Helps reduce downtime and extend the life of your surgical instruments
  • Both on-location and offsite instrument repair services to help fit facilities' needs
  • Highly-trained repair technicians at your facility to repair instrument sets to their full potential


Service Overview

Surgical instruments are vital to daily operations in the OR. Healthcare facilities need to have confidence that instruments are procedure-ready for safe patient outcomes. After extended use, surgical instrument performance deteriorates and requires maintenance and proper repair to prolong their life and maximize performance. STERIS Surgical Instrument Repair offers a comprehensive surgical instrument repair service for manual instrumentation across service specialties, including stainless steel, laparoscopic, and microsurgical instruments.

How STERIS Surgical Instrument Repair Service Works

STERIS Surgical Instrument Repair services include proactive maintenance and repair for manual instrumentation. Utilizing this service can help you avoid extensive damage to your surgical instrumentation, minimize costly repairs, and extend your instrument’s life. From general maintenance to more complex repairs, STERIS offers a broad range of repair services for your surgical instruments, including:

  • Surgical instrument inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair
  • Laparoscopic instrument services
  • Microsurgical instrument repairs
  • Preventative maintenance inspections and repair services for surgical positioning devices and retractor systems

Why the Surgical Instrument Repair Service?

  • Comprehensive repair offerings – From on-location at your facility to sending your instruments to our national repair centers, our technicians work with you to provide quick, reliable repair and maintenance services for your surgical instruments.
  • Comprehensive network of repair services and expertise – Our highly-trained technicians will come to your facility and restore surgical instruments to their full potential.
  • Extend instrument’s lifespan – Our instrument repair services help provide peace of mind that your surgical instruments are procedure-ready.
  • Additional educational offerings – Broad educational resources help to provide the knowledge and tools to educate your staff and reduce unnecessary repair costs and instrument damage.

STERIS offers a Comprehensive
Repair Network

800+ Repair Technicians 800+ Repair Technicians
300+ Repair Vehicles 300+ Repair Vehicles
8 Repair Facilities 8 Repair Facilities

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Surgical Instrument Repair Capabilities

STERIS offers various repair and maintenance services to meet your facility’s needs. Our surgical instrument repair services include:


OnLocationSM Repair Services

Our skilled service professionals provide same-day, convenient repair and restoration services at your healthcare facility. Our comprehensive maintenance, repair, and restoration services across surgical specialties include stainless, laparoscopic, and microscopic surgical instrumentation, case carts, operating room rolling equipment, retractor systems, and positioning device repair.

Rigid Endoscope Repair
Rigid Endoscope Repair

In-House Repair Labs

Dedicated, full-time, highly-trained technician(s) within your healthcare facility maximize throughput and streamline communication. These efficiencies create time for hands-on labs and education. Both long and short-term engagements are available. Our repair specialists provide real-time recommendations based on observations at point-of-service and deliver hands-on education that guides best practices and supports staff development.


Rapid Response Repair Team

Healthcare facilities with urgent or large-scale instrument needs can receive OnLocation instrument repair services at your facility with our dedicated team of STERIS repair specialists. Our fully equipped team provides services to help resolve regulatory compliance risks and service large volumes of instrument sets in short timeframes. Our Rapid Response capabilities include tape removal, laser marking, surgical instrument repair and restoration, and caster replacement.

Rigid Endoscope Repair
Technician sharpening a surgical instrument

Surgical Instrument Sharpening

Over time, continual use of instruments can cause misalignment and cutting edges to become dull. Our mobile instrument sharpening service can help prolong the instrument's life and provide peace of mind that your instruments are working as intended by aligning our services to your procedural use while utilizing specialized tools and targeted education. With over 300 mobile service vehicles, our team can come directly to your facility or repair instruments at one of our National Repair Centers. To ensure your surgical instruments are working as intended for every procedure, click to learn more about mobile and on-location instrument sharpening nearby.


Instrument Case Cart and OR Rolling Stock Repair

Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) for instrument case carts and operating room rolling equipment is available at your facility. On-location repair of transport and rolling equipment helps ensure your staff and surgical assets are protected from strain and potential biohazard displacement.

Equipment maintenance is tracked and monitored utilizing STERIS's proprietary inventory planning system and reconciled with your internal tracking system. All information is reported and available 24/7 through our Customer portal, providing you with all the required documentation for accreditation of your AEM program and budget analysis and helping to ensure your surgical instrument sets get to and from the OR smoothly.

Rigid Endoscope Repair
Rigid Endoscope Repair


Positioning Device and Retractor System Repair

Repair services for positioning devices and surgical retractor systems position your surgical procedures for success. STERIS offers preventative maintenance programs for positioning devices, including leg positioning stirrups, knee positioning devices, arm boards, full body positioning accessories, and head positioning systems.

Accessing the surgical site is critical. Surgeon frustration can be reduced by proactively inspecting and maintaining full retractor systems. With guaranteed three-day turnaround times, scheduled service intervals give you the capability to plan for low-cost routine maintenance while avoiding equipment failure and costly downtime.

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Repair Process

Repair offerings to your facility every step of the way

From patient positioning devices to instrument case carts, STERIS Instrument Repair services provide
extensive repair offerings to your facility every step of the way.

  • Position – Positioning patients properly in the OR is critical to providing safe and effective surgical procedures. Our repair technicians have the expertise to keep your positioning devices functioning as intended.
  • Access – STERIS provides repair services to surgical retractor systems that enhance visualization and provide surgeons access to organs during surgical procedures.
  • Treat – From general maintenance to complex repairs, STERIS offers repair services for your surgical instruments used to treat patients during procedures.
  • Transport – Maintenance for case carts and operating room rolling equipment helps ensure your instruments get to and from the OR smoothly.


Position, Access, Treat and Transport


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STERIS provides a comprehensive portfolio of V. Mueller™ surgical instruments to replace missing and unrepairable instruments at the point of service.

Common I-Xchange® instruments include:

  • Clamps and forceps
  • Osteotomes
  • Needle holders
  • Laparoscopic surgical instruments
  • Scissors
  • Pin cutters and more
  • Container components
Surgical Pin Cutters


I-XCHANGE® Service Offerings

Sterile Processing
Dedicated OnLocationSM repair services inventory

STERIS is the official repair vendor for
V. Mueller™ Surgical Instruments.

Sterile Processing
Increase Efficiency

Reduce time spent searching for replacement surgical instruments during tray assembly.

Sterile Processing
Simplify Surgical Instrument Reordering

STERIS is the official repair vendor
for V. Mueller™ Surgical Instruments.
V. Mueller™ Heritage and Affinity instruments are included in the
I-Xchange® program.

*STERIS is the official repair vendor for V. Mueller® instruments

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