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Endoscope Drying, Storage and Transport

The effective storage, transport and tracking of endoscopes plays an important role in patient safety and reprocessing workflow. STERIS's endoscope drying & storage cabinets and endoscope transport products help you meet current standards and guidelines.


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  • Available in a range of sizes and features to fit your endoscope storage needs
  • Non-porous chamber construction using stainless steel
  • Startup with no plumbing or additional hookups
  • Clear visibility through tempered glass doors and internal lighting
  • Gasket-less doors and removable drip pan floor

Endodry drying and storage cabinet

ENDODRY™ Drying and Storage System

  • Provides a controlled environment for the drying and storage of endoscopes after a successful reprocessing cycle
  • Assists with the endoscope drying process in as little as one hour for the internal channels and three hours for the external portion1
  • For use with the ADVANTAGE PLUS™ AER and cassette to minimize handling

Cleanascope ADVANTAGE Transport and Short-term Storage System

CLEANASCOPE™ ADVANTAGE Transport and Short-term Storage System

  • Clear Identification of clean versus contaminated scopes
  • Robust reusable tray accommodates large endoscopes
  • Provides enclosed short-term storage of reprocessed scopes

Reliance Endoscope Transport System


  • Complete system for safe endoscope transport
  • Leak and puncture-proof bins to keep biohazards contained
  • Prevents devices from jostling with smooth-rolling, medical-grade casters
  • Immediate identification of clean and dirty scopes through color-coded bags

Endoscope transport pad

ENDO CARRY-ON™ Transport Pad  

  • Absorbent padding entraps liquid and reduces leaking fluids during transport
  • Flexible drape converts from a table cover to a transport pad
  • Adhesive strip seals away contaminated endoscope
  • Reinforced handles to provide added strength when transporting endoscopes

Take-Out® Transport Pad

The Take-Out transport pad is a safe way to transport an endoscope to the reprocessing room after use.

ProArmor Endoscope Tip Protector

ProArmor™ Endoscope Tip Protector

Protect the distal tip of your endoscopes and other surgical equipment with the single-use ProArmor™ endoscope tip protector. The ProArmor endoscope tip protector is available in both a sterile and non-sterile option.

Large Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector

Large Endo-Boot™ Endoscope Tip Protector

  • Features a simple, convenient design
  • Offers an inexpensive option for protection
  • Also available in a small option for endoscopes and instruments that are 3.0mm – 8.8mm in diameter

Small Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector

Small Endo-Boot™ Endoscope Tip Protector

  • Features a simple, convenient design
  • Offers an inexpensive option for protection
  • Also available in a large option for endoscopes and instruments that are 8.8mm – 15.0mm in diameter

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1Perumpail, Ryan B. et al. Endoscope reprocessing: Comparison of drying effectiveness and microbial levels with an automated drying and storage cabinet with forced filtered air and a standard storage cabinet. American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 47, Issue 9, 1083 – 1089.

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