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Surgical Equipment & Image Management

When it's a matter of life and death, patients and their families count on the expertise of caring professionals, who count on STERIS. Our mission is to help ensure that the environment in hospitals and surgical centers allows every patient to receive vital care without undue risk from infection or contamination. Our offering includes general and specialty surgical tables, surgical and examination lights, equipment management systems, operating room storage cabinets, warming cabinets, scrub sinks and other complementary products and accessories for use in hospitals and ambulatory surgery sites. Our solutions give you the freedom to focus on what you do best - care for patients.


Surgical Tables

Surgical Tables

Versatile, easy-to-use and built for today's patients and procedures, there's a solution for every operating room and budget with STERIS's wide range of surgical tables.

Surgical Table Accessories

surgical table accessories

STERIS surgical table accessories and support systems provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with enhanced radiolucency and higher patient weight capacities.

Surgical Lights and Examination Lights

Surgical and Examination Lighting Systems

STERIS offers a wide variety of high-quality surgical lighting products for operating rooms as well as speciality lighting products for hospitals, doctor's offices and others.

Warming Cabinets

AMSCO® Warming Cabinets

AMSCO Warming Cabinets are designed to store and warm sterile intravenous (IV) and surgical irrigation fluids, linens, and blankets. 

Scrub Sinks

Scrub Sinks

With superior construction and customizable design options, STERIS scrub sinks are the right fit for any operating room.

Harmony iQ® | BDV Integration Systems

OR Integration Systems

STERIS Operating Room Integration Systems are designed to improve workflows, procedure guidance and peer collaboration.

Utility and Video Connectivity Systems

STERIS's Utility and Video Connectivity Systems provide power and video signal connections from a surgical arm to help increase surgeon visualization at the operative site.

Surgical Booms

HarmonyAir® Surgical Booms

HarmonyAIR® Surgical Booms – also known as equipment columns and supply heads – have a sleek and compact design, allowing the nurse line of sight to the sterile field and the surgeon unrestricted access to the patient.

Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

High Definition and 4K Ultra High Definition Displays Designed for Safety and Enhanced Surgical Detail.

operating room storage


STERIS's extensive portfolio of operating room storage solutions is designed to provide instant access to supplies and OR equipment.

Clinically inspired, the Swivel nurse documentation station moves when you need it most.

Nurse Documentation Stations

STERIS's Nurse Documentation Stations accommodate unique nurse documentation requirements in the Operating Room (OR).

Rely on STERIS's Surgical Solutions to keep you at the forefront of Hybrid Suite Design.

Hybrid OR

High Performance Hybrid Surgical Interventional Environments designed to meet your Clinical Imperatives through advanced radiographic and surgical best practice room designs.

Planning & Design

Architect Portal

View, download and print technical information, including brochures, tech data, equipment drawings, AutoCAD blocks, Revit family objects and more.