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Electrosurgical Products

With the continued growth of electrosurgical procedures, it is becoming increasingly complex for operating room staff to balance costs, compliance, and safety. The common challenge regarding safety and procedural optimization with electrosurgery is eschar buildup on electrode tips during a procedure. Eschar buildup causes disruptions as it is hard to remove, can damage the instrumentation, and ultimately affects active procedure time. Explore STERIS’s electrosurgical products that to help meet those challenges head-on.

Electro Lube® anti-stick solution

Electro Lube®

  • Anti-stick phospholipid solution to prevent eschar buildup on electrosurgical instrumentation
  • Clinically demonstrated to optimize procedure time
  • Supports AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (3.11.1)
  • 4ml bottle with foam pad is sterile for single-patient use

Cautery tip cleaner

Cautery Tip Cleaner

  • Abrasive pad designed for the removal of material from electrode tips during an electrosurgical procedure when using blades, pencil tips, or monopolar or bipolar cautery probes
  • Features an adhesive backing for universal placement in the sterile field
  • Single-use, sterile product with radiopaque material
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