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Polypectomy and Tissue Acquisition Devices

Polypectomy procedures are conducted by gastroenterologists as well as colorectal surgeons and are typically minimally invasive procedures used to remove polyps from inside the colon. Endoscopic tissue acquisition is commonly performed with polypectomy devices such as snares, retrieval nets and polyp traps. STERIS Endoscopy offers an extensive and unique line of endoscopic tissue acquisition and polypectomy devices including snares and Roth Net® retrievers. From the dynamic CoinTip™ snare supporting hot and cold cutting capabilities to our clinically proven Exacto® cold snare, we offer a product solution to accommodate a variety of needs. 


CoinTip Snare

CoinTip Snare

  • Features a thin distal tip for precise hot and cold polyp removal capabilities
  • Double catheter supports force transfer during tissue resection
  • Offers three shapes (deltoid, hexagonal, diamond) and multiple size options (20mm, 10mm, and 6mm in width) to resect various types and sizes of polyps 


Exacto® Cold Snare

  • Features a shield shape design that maximizes its width for control and placement during cold snare polypectomy
  • Offers a stiff catheter that aids in placement, supports tissue transection, and decreases buckling
  • Provides balance between stiffness and flexibility due to its thin, seven braided wire configuration
  • Reduces polyp “fly away” from the resection site making it possible to collect specimen for pathology

eTrap Polyp Trap

Polyp Traps

STERIS is proud to offer a complete portfolio of polyp trap retrieval solutions that address a variety of Customer preferences and clinical needs.

Rotator Polypectomy Snare Mini Oval

Polypectomy Snares

STERIS Endoscopy offers an extensive line of polypectomy snare devices. Our endoscopy snare offering provides a product solution to accommodate a variety of endoscopic snare resection needs.

Lariat Snare

Lariat® Snare

  • Features three distinct shapes and snare loop sizes reducing the need to exchange snares
  • Offers versatility during cases with large polyps, multiple polyps, and polyps of varying types and sizes
  • Maintains its shape and integrity after numerous resections

Centra Disposable Biopsy Forceps

Biopsy Forceps

Designed to obtain tissue during endoscopic procedures, our biopsy forceps are available in a variety of lengths and jaw designs.

Histolock Resection Device

Histolock® Resection Device

The Histolock® resection device features a stiff twisted, monofilament wire helping to recruit and resect flat tissue while laying flat on mucosa.

iSnare system - oval snare

iSnare® System

The iSnare system is a family of multifunctional devices ideal for reducing procedure time by minimizing device exchanges and aiding in clinical outcomes during submucosal injection polypectomy procedures.

Traxtion® Hexagonal Snare

The Traxtion snare is ideal for the resection of flat or sessile lesions. The stiff, hexagonal braided wire provides exceptional grip of the mucosa and retains its shape with multiple resections.

Reveal Distal Attachment Cap

Reveal® Distal Attachment Cap

  • Helps avoid "red out" by maintaining constant distance between the endoscope and mucosa
  • Aids in maneuvering through difficult turns in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Can be used in conjunction with accessories such as snares or needles

Endorings Device

EndoRings™ Device

The EndoRings device attaches to the distal end of a colonoscope and provides improved visibility and scope centering during endoscopic therapy.


Roth Net® Retrievers

From capturing large polyps to securing multiple polyp fragments, the Roth Net retriever is a device you can count on for consistent performance.

Infinity® Cytology Device

The premium choice, the Infinity cytology device is designed for collecting substantial and quality samples from the upper and lower GI tract.

Infinity ERCP Sampling Device

Infinity® ERCP Sampling Device

The Infinity ERCP sampling device is purpose built for collecting substantial and quality samples from strictures in the biliary duct.