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Polypectomy and Tissue Acquisition Devices

STERIS offers an extensive and unique line of polypectomy and tissue acquisition devices. From the clinically proven Exacto® cold snare designed to offer more control and placement for a precise, clean cut to the eTrap® polyp trap designed for quick and accurate retrieval of specimens we offer a product solution to accommodate a variety of needs.

Endorings Device

EndoRings™ Device

The EndoRings™ device attaches to the distal end of a colonoscope and provides improved visibility and scope centering during endoscopic therapy.


Exacto Cold Snare

The unique snare design offers more control for placement around diminutive polyps and a precise, clean cut. Supporting the cold snaring technique, the Exacto® cold snare enables a clean cut, with a braided snare wire that is 33% thinner than traditional braided wires.

Centra Disposable Biopsy Forceps


Produced with sharpened cutting edges, our disposable stainless steel forceps are available in a variety of styles.

Histolock Resection Device

Histolock® Resection Device

The Histolock® resection device features a stiff twisted, monofilament wire helping to recruit and resect flat tissue while laying flat on mucosa.

Infinity Cytology Device

The premium choice, the Infinity® cytology device is designed for collecting substantial and quality samples from the upper and lower GI tract.

Infinity ERCP Sampling Device

Infinity® ERCP Sampling Device

The Infinity ERCP sampling device is purpose built for collecting substantial and quality samples from strictures in the biliary duct.

iSnare system - oval snare

iSnare System

The iSnare® system is ideal for endoscopic mucosal resection and saline assisted polypectomy. This multi-functional device features an alternating injection needle and polypectomy snare which eliminates the need for intraprocedural device exchange.

Lariat Snare

Lariat Snare

The multi-functional design of the Lariat® snare helps address a variety of resection needs including piecemeal resection and multiple polyps.

eTrap Polyp Trap

Polyp Traps

STERIS is proud to offer a complete portfolio of polyp trap retrieval solutions that address a variety of Customer preferences and clinical needs.

Rotator Polypectomy Snare Mini Oval

Polypectomy Snares

STERIS offers an extensive line of polypectomy devices. From a purpose-built cold snare to a monofilament EMR device, we offer a product solution to accommodate a variety of needs.

Reveal Distal Attachment Cap

Reveal Distal Attachment Cap

The Reveal® distal attachment cap is designed to facilitate the endoscope's view during a variety of therapeutic and endoscopic procedures.


Roth Net Retrievers

From capturing large polyps to securing multiple polyp fragments, the Roth Net® retriever is a device you can count on for consistent performance.

Traxtion® Hexagonal Snare

The Traxtion® snare is ideal for the resection of flat or sessile lesions. The stiff, hexagonal braided wire provides exceptional grip of the mucosa and retains its shape with multiple resections.