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GI Procedure Products

With infection control as a top priority in any GI endoscopy unit, our extensive endoscope care and endoscope accessories offer an array of solutions to address these concerns. Our single-use endoscopy products promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines. From cleaning brushes and bite blocks to our BioShield® biopsy valves we offer a solution to fit your needs.


AquaShield Water Bottle System

The disposable AquaShield® system offers an alternative option to reprocessing reusable water bottle systems.

BioGuard air water and suction valve kits

BioGuard Air-Water and Suction Valve Kits

The single-use BioGuard® air/water & suction valve kits eliminate the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing. Are available in 6 configurations.


BioShield Biopsy Valves and Irrigation Accessories

Our full line of BioShield® biopsy valves and accessories are single-use, offering protection from cross-contamination for patients.

Standard Bite Block Strap Not Made With Natural Rubber

Bite Blocks

Our extensive line of bite blocks offers a variety of options in sizes, designs, and models to ensure the best for the patient and type of procedure.

Small Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector

Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protectors

Protect the bending rubber and distal lense of your endoscope with the Endo-Boot™ tip protector. These single-use foam bumpers cushion your endoscope and its delicate components during transport and storage.

Irrigation kits

Irrigation Kits

Our irrigation kits conveniently include the Torrent® irrigation tubing and AquaShield® water bottle system.


Keeper Device Clip

Stay organized during procedures with the Keeper® device clip.

Take-Out Transport Pad

The Take-Out® transport pad is a safe way to transport an endoscope to the reprocessing room after use.

Torrent Irrigation Pump

Torrent Irrigation Pump

Our full line of irrigation solutions now includes the Torrent™ irrigation pump - designed to provide consistent flow rates during endoscope procedures when used in conjunction with the Torrent® irrigation tubing and Torrent® scope connector.

Torrent Irrigation System

The Torrent irrigation system offers a dependable solution including both capital and consumable products for intraprocedural irrigation.

VIA Procedure Kit

VIA Procedure Kits

We offer a variety of single-use procedure kits to help you standardize Infection Control practices, streamline ordering, simplify procedure room setup, promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines.