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Foreign Body Removal Devices

The management of ingested foreign bodies and food boluses is a common clinical situation in which endoscopic foreign body removal or surgical intervention is suggested. Often times, long or oddly shaped objects and sharp items risk perforation in the esophagus while food impactions can cause obstruction of the esophagus and require urgent intervention. A variety of foreign object ingestion devices and techniques are indicated for different situations. STERIS Endoscopy is dedicated to assisting your staff in foreign body management by delivering removal devices to better prepare you for emergency retrieval cases. From Roth Net® retrievers and the Guardus® overtube to the Raptor® grasping device, you can rely on our essential selection of foreign body removal devices for security and peace of mind.



Raptor Grasping Device

The disposable Raptor® grasping device offers the versatility needed for retrieving a variety of foreign bodies and stents.

Roth Net Retriever

Roth Net Retrievers

The Roth Net® retriever and Roth Net® Platinum® retrievers are ideal for food impaction and foreign body extraction such as coins or marbles past the cricopharyngeus. The octagonal design of the Roth Net® Platinum® retriever features a spring-like action and is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its shape within the esophagus, even after multiple passes. The large-capacity, reinforced retrieval net also provides strength and security, especially when removing round, blunt objects that are hard to grasp and hold during foreign body retrieval.

Guardus Overtube Gastric

Guardus Overtube

Guardus® overtube - available in 25cm (esophageal) and 50cm (gastric) are specifically developed for enhanced protection and safety. The overtube system features an exclusive tapered tip design to protect against mucosal damage, while its insufflation cap helps maintain insufflation and guard against leakage of body fluids. 

Falcon Rotatable Retrieval Basket

Falcon Rotatable Retrieval Basket

The Falcon® rotatable retrieval basket offers flexibility when retrieving long or oddly shaped objects such as toothbrushes, utensils, and pens.


Talon Grasping Device

The Talon® grasping device is specifically designed to provide the firm hold required for challenging food bolus and foreign body retrieval cases. Featuring four stainless steel prongs with inward-facing atraumatic hooks, the Talon® grasping device mimics the grasping capabilities of an Osprey sea hawk.