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Roth Net Retrievers

The Roth Net® retriever and Roth Net® Platinum® retrievers are ideal for food impaction and foreign body extraction such as coins or marbles past the cricopharyngeus. The octagonal design of the Roth Net® Platinum® retriever features a spring-like action and is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its shape within the esophagus, even after multiple passes. The large-capacity, reinforced retrieval net also provides strength and security, especially when removing round, blunt objects that are hard to grasp and hold during foreign body retrieval.

Roth-Net-Platinum-Retriever food-bolus

Roth Net Platinum Retriever - Food Bolus

The Roth Net® Platinum® food bolus retriever is designed specifically for the challenges encountered in food bolus removal. Its octagonal net is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its form within the esophagus.


Roth Net Platinum Retriever - Universal

Capable of addressing a variety of retrieval needs, this robust retriever is an all encompassing solution for foreign bodies, food impactions and polyp retrieval.

Roth Net Retriever - Enteroscope

The Roth Net® enteroscopic retriever is the ideal retrieval device for removal of excised polyps and foreign bodies, it's unique net design offers a comfortable measure of safety and security during procedures.

Roth Net Retriever

Roth Net Retriever - Maxi

The Roth Net® maxi retriever is ideal for large foreign body removal, such as batteries and EMR specimens too large for any other sized retriever.

Roth Net Retriever - Mini

The Roth Net® mini foreign body retriever is extremely effective for removing coins, watch batteries and a variety of other foreign bodies children tend to swallow.

Roth Net Retriever - Select

The Roth Net® retriever - select is an ideal solution for a variety of challenging retrieval procedures including the retrieval of foreign bodies and polyps. Features an alternative net design, offering enhanced durability and strength.

Roth Net Retriever

Roth Net Standard Retrievers

Roth Net® standard retrievers are engineered with a strong, reinforced net material for extra security when passing the cricopharyngeus. These retrievers are ideal for the removal of round, blunt or otherwise hard to grasp foreign bodies, as well as polyps and polyp fragments.


Roth Net® Retriever - 360

The Roth Net® retriever - 360 is the newest innovation and addition to the extensive Roth Net® retriever portfolio - offering best-in-class features. Featuring 360 degree, one-to-one rotation and a new spade shaped snare form that opens to full capacity even after multiple passes.