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Sterile Processing Products & Services

Sterilization Solutions & Sterile Processing Equipment

STERIS addresses your sterile processing equipment, instrument management and reprocessing needs with integrated product and service programs. Our sterilization solutions help protect your valuable surgical instruments to increase your productivity and help enhance patient and personnel safety.

Browse our sterilization products by category to understand how our solutions help simplify Sterile Processing Department (SPD) processes. Along with being environmentally friendly, our sterilization solutions and products lower your total cost of ownership by not only reducing cycle times and utility costs, but also increasing equipment load capacities. Help your SPD run efficiently with sterilization solutions that help streamline workflow. STERIS connectivity provides you with visibility to instrumentation, Operating Room (OR) scheduling, service requirements, and reprocessing documentation.

Instrument Processing Professional Services

Instrument Processing Professional Services

STERIS provides the assistance required to improve and sustain the performance of your SPD.

Steam sterilizer (STERIS autoclave) in Central Sterile Services Department.

Steam Sterilizers

Steam sterilizers (sometimes referred to as steam autoclaves, or just autoclaves) are an essential part of the decontamination and sterilization process performed by Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD) in healthcare facilities.

STERIS washer disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, hospital cart washers, and decontamination sinks.

Washing and Decontamination Systems

The high demands of modern Central Sterile Services Departments call for efficient, compliant, and high-capacity washing and decontamination systems.

V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization equipment.

V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization

Intended for use in the terminal sterilization of properly prepared (cleaned, rinsed and dried) reusable metal and nonmetal medical devices used in healthcare facilities.

Sterile processing department accessories and products.

Sterile Processing Department Accessories

STERIS offers the ideal combination of sterilization products and accessories to help ensure that your Sterile Processing Department (SPD) runs as efficiently as possible. From case carts to prep and pack tables, we bring you innovative sterilization solutions that improve your workflow.

Surgical instrument cleaning chemistries

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Experience a more complete clean with surgical instrument cleaning chemistry solutions from STERIS.

Sterility assurance and monitoring products.

Sterility Assurance & Monitoring

Portfolio of sterility assurance products including biological indicators, chemical indicators, Bowie Dick test packs, and more are designed to provide critical information about the sterilizer and the sterilization process.

Sterilization pouch.

Sterilization Pouches AND TRAYS

Sterilization pouches and trays provide packaging flexibility while accessories make peel packs easy to sterilize and store.

Liquid chemical sterilization equipment.

Liquid Chemical Sterilization

Liquid chemical sterilization provides a higher standard of reprocessing assurance while eliminating all microbial life, including bacterial endospores, in a 23-minute cycle.

Mobile central sterile processing department unit.

Mobile Sterile Processing

The Mobile Sterile Processing Unit, a fully integrated, mobile central sterile processing department (SPD), allows for a turnkey process to continually support the OR without disruption during hospital construction, renovation, or expansion.

Personnel monitoring products.

Personnel Monitoring

Promote staff safety during the sterilization process by exposure monitoring of hazardous chemicals such as Ethylene Oxide, CIDEX® Solution, CIDEX OPA Solution, and Hydrogen Peroxide.

STERIS equipment planning and design.


View, download and print technical information, including brochures, tech data, equipment drawings, AutoCAD blocks, Revit family objects and more.

STERIS Device Compatibility Matrix.


Confirm your medical devices and accessories are compatible for processing with our Low Temperature Systems.

SPM Surgical Asset Tracking Software

SPM Surgical Asset Tracking Software

Surgical instrument tracking system for hospitals and smaller healthcare facilities that adds flexibility and reliability to your asset tracking and sterilization processes.

STERIS instrument delivery truck

Offsite Reprocessing Solutions

  • Reduces daily tray backlogs and case delays resulting from Sterile Processing Department (SPD) capacity restraints
  • Improves tray accuracy and Tray Quality Indicators
  • Enhances compliance
  • Increase surgeon and Operating Room (OR) staff satisfaction

SPD workflow management software

CS-iQ Sterile Processing Workflow Management Software

The three modules of CS-iQ software promote productivity, traceability and compliance across your department.

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