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SPM® Loaner Solution

  • Vendor tray management software for loaned surgical instruments
  • Streamlines communication between the scheduler, vendor, and sterile processing
  • Alerts stakeholders of expected loaner deliveries and reprocessing status
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability to the patient and procedure


loaner tray tracking system

The SPM Loaner Solution simplifies and streamlines vendor tray management. This software coordinates communication between the surgery scheduler and the vendor. Stakeholders are alerted regarding key events, and the sterile processing department (SPD) is provided with the tools and information needed to ensure on-time delivery and traceability of vendor trays.

How the SPM Loaner Solution Works

loaner instrument tray management

From the moment a surgical procedure is scheduled, the CASE ID and notes are immediately transmitted to SPM through an interface with the hospital's electronic medical records system. This information is then paired with the vendor rep based on the procedure information and case notes. 

Once paired, a notification is sent to the vendor rep advising them of their involvement in the case. Vendors can confirm the order, view the case, and select appropriate trays from the SPM Master Loaner Database. These trays are then added to the SPM Needs List to alert SPD of incoming trays, so that they can plan accordingly.

Loaner Instrument Tray Management System

When instrument trays arrive at the facility, they are checked in at the SPM Loaner Kiosk and verified against the vendor-driven loaner order. Unique barcodes are printed, pictures can be associated with each loaner tray, and the delivery can be validated for completeness against the loaner order before being processed in sterile processing.

At any step of the process, the OR and vendor have visibility to where their trays are and can be confident and procedure-ready. Once the procedure is completed, trays are returned to the SPD, where they are scanned and decontaminated. The vendor is notified in real-time when the loaner trays are ready for pickup.

Ongoing Technical Support

Receive industry-leading support after implementation with a dedicated technical support team available 24/7.

Contact SPM Software Support at 800-675-3529

Access the SPM Customer Resource Center for around-the-clock access to training videos on standard system tasks and recent enhancements, plus regularly scheduled live webinars to provide training within the system.

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