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Endoscope Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

Endoscope cleaning begins immediately at the bedside and continues through transport with pre-cleaning solutions that prevent soils from drying while protecting devices from damage. Browse endoscope point of use treatment products, including solutions like PRE-KLENZ™ Soak Shield, which help loosen soils at the bedside and throughout transport.

Pre-cleaning kits, including enzymatic and non-enzymatic options, provide a ready-to-use solution for bedside cleaning. STERIS’s single-use cleaning adapters flush endoscopes at the bedside to begin the cleaning process. Select a pre-cleaning solution below to learn more and request a quote. STERIS endoscope point of use processing products help you meet evolving standards and ease the cleaning process.

Endoscope Point of Use Treatment

PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield being used to clean a surgical instrument

Pre-Klenz™ Soak Shield

  • Initiates the pretreatment process of robotic, surgical, and endoscopic instruments at the bedside
  • Provides device tip protection while simultaneously soaking and cleaning during transport
  • Ready-to-use, single-use application allows for easy, quick application



  • Ready-to-use wipes aid with cleaning of instrument surfaces at bedside or during manual cleaning
  • Low cost-per-use standardizes practices while helping to save money
  • Pre-saturated with properly diluted INTERCEPT™ Detergent

Endoscope bedside pre-cleaning kit.

Revital-Ox™ Bedside Complete Pre-Cleaning Kit

  • Features: Enzymatic endoscope bedside pre-cleaning kit with a ready-to-use pre-diluted detergent and sponge
  • Benefits: Pre-diluted enzymatic detergent eliminates the need to add water or dilute
  • Size: Available in 215 mL and 500 mL pouches

Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate Pre-Cleaning Kit

Revital-Ox® Bedside Concentrate Pre-Cleaning Kit

  • Features: Just-add-water cleaning kit with pre-measured enzymatic detergent for bedside pre-cleaning
  • Benefits: Includes a flat, crinkle system sponge which makes pre-cleaning larger medical devices easier
  • Size: Consistent 500 mL solution with no dosing required


INTERCEPT™ Bedside Kit

  • Features: Just-add-water cleaning kit with pre-measured INTERCEPT™ Detergent packets to ensure proper dilution for bedside pre-cleaning
  • Benefits: Sponge locks in fluid for enhanced wiping of flexible endoscopes
  • Size: Two fill lines offers flexibility for 250 mL or 500 mL solution

VIA Bedside Pre-Cleaning Kit

VIA Bedside Pre-Cleaning Kit

  • Features: Single-use bedside kit includes a basin and sponge
  • Benefits: High-quality sponge with concentrated enzymatic solution and surfactants to help remove bioburden
  • Size: Basin that holds the recommended 500 mL of fluid



  • Thick foam encapsulates instruments and flexible endoscopes, pre-treating them for manual cleaning
  • Maintains a moist environment, preventing organic debris from drying and hardening
  • Simply rinse away when ready for manual cleaning
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Single-Use Cleaning Adapters

BioGuard air/water cleaning adapter - Olympus

BioGuard® Air/Water Cleaning Adapter – Olympus

  • Disposable alternative option to manual reprocessing and the need to be tracked with a specific endoscope
  • Offers a unique appearance and warning tag to prevent use during patient procedures
  • Individually packaged to ensure use only during the bedside pre-cleaning process
  • Compatible with Olympus GI endoscopes, excluding EUS echoendoscopes that utilize a balloon channel

DEFENDO Single-Use Cleaning Adapter

Defendo Single Use Cleaning Adapter

  • Provides an alternate option to tracking with a specific endoscope
  • Promotes compliance with industry guidelines
  • Conveniently packaged together with DEFENDO Procedural Valves
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