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Roth Net Retrieval Devices

Endoscopic retrieval devices, such as the Roth Net® retriever, are used for a variety of endoscopy retrieval needs including the removal of foreign body objects and resected polyps after endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) or piecemeal polypectomy. As a pioneer and trusted partner in endoscopy retrieval, STERIS offers a broad portfolio of innovative, flexible retrieval tools and endoscopy retrieval devices. Our patented Roth Net retrievers have strong, durable nets that can be used in challenging esophageal food impactions, foreign body retrieval, tissue collection, and polyp removal. Choose an endoscopic retrieval device in a variety of sizes, shapes, and special features. Explore options with features like rotation functionality during foreign body retrieval and maintain the integrity of tissue samples during polypectomy procedures.


Use this chart to identify which Roth Net retriever is the best fit for your procedure. To request this chart for your facility, contact your local Sales Representative.

Roth Net Reference Chart

Roth Net Foreign Body Retrieval Devices

Roth Net® Foreign Body Retrievers

  • Our selection of Roth Net retrievers consists of devices in a variety of sizes and shapes to support the toughest foreign body removal and food bolus cases.

Roth Net Tissue Retrievers

Roth Net® Tissue Retrievers

  • From capturing large polyps to securing multiple small polyps or polyp fragments, the Roth Net retriever is a tissue specimen retrieval product you can count on during flexible and rigid endoscopy procedures.

Roth Net Specialty Category

Roth Net® Specialty Retrievers

  • Specialty Roth Net retrievers are available to address unique retrieval situations, including mini-sized retrievers that fit down smaller scope channels and specialty enteroscopy length retrievers for excised polyp or foreign body removal from the small bowel.
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