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Roth Net Tissue Retrievers

From capturing large polyps to securing multiple polyp fragments, the Roth Net® retriever is a device you can count on for preserving tissue specimens for histopathologic review.

Roth Net Platinum Retriever - Polyp

The Roth Net® Platinum® polyp retriever for colon polyp removal. The polyp net is made of a more transparent netting material, which improves visibility during a polypectomy.

Roth Net Retriever - Mini Polyp

The Roth Net® retriever - mini polyp features a smaller net design, offering enhanced maneuverability and visualization while retrieving polyps within the small confines of the colon.

Roth Net Retriever - Polyp

Designed with a finer, more transparent net, the Roth Net® polyp retriever easily encapsulates excised polyps and preserves specimens for accurate histopathological review.