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Sterilization Pouches, Packaging and Trays

STERIS offers a complete line of sterilization pouches, baskets, and trays. These accessories are designed to assist in the sterilization of medical devices and simplify the transfer of pouches from sterilization to storage. Our disposable peel pouches are available in self seal, heat seal and tubing options to fit a variety of sterilization needs. The baskets and dividers are made of durable, stainless steel construction that fit all sterilizer carts allowing staff to quickly move pouches into storage. Browse for products in a variety of size and quantity options that are available for use in steam, ethylene oxide (EO), and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) processes. STERIS’s sterilization products provide packaging flexibility while accessories like peel packs make it easy to sterilize and store.

Vis-U-All High Temperature Sterilization Pouch Front and Back

Vis-U-All™ High Temperature Sterilization Pouches and Tubing

  • High temperature sterilization pouch validated for use with ethylene oxide (EO) and steam sterilization
  • Available in self seal, heat seal and tubing options
  • Validated for double pouch applications
  • Made from thick polyethylene film and medical grade paper to create a durable sterilization pouch

VIS-U_ALL Low Temperature Sterilization Pouches and Tubing 4 x 12 Pouch

Vis-U-All™ Low Temperature Sterilization Pouches and Tubing

  • Low temperature sterilization pouch validated for use in both V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD1 Models2
  • Color-coded for fast identification to help prevent sterilization errors
  • Can be used for double pouch applications on both devices and trays
  • Made from thick polyethylene film and Tyvek®3 to create a durable sterilization pouch

Pouchcare Sterilization Basket and Dividers have several configurations to suit your sterilization pouch needs

PouchCare Sterilization Baskets and Dividers

  • Storage and sterilization baskets and dividers simplify the transfer and storage of sterilization pouches and small packs
  • Sterilization baskets are constructed with a wide mesh design to promote sterilant penetration and ease of cleaning
  • For use in steam and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) processes

Rennco Lift Heat Sealer

Rennco Lift Heat Sealer

  • Compact, tabletop heat sealer
  • Automatic temperature control with an adjustable temperature set point

Eaglepac Self Seal Maintenance Dust Cover

EaglePac Self-Seal Sterility Maintenance Cover

  • Provides added protection to sterilized pouches
  • Low-slip surface minimizes slipping and sliding of stored items
  • Easy self-seal closure

Pro-Lite Sterilization Trays

PRO-LITE™ Sterilization Trays

  • Maximize throughput while optimizing your V-PRO Sterilizer chamber space and processing up to 25 lb per tray
  • Validated to be pouched and wrapped for sterilization

1 STERRAD is the Registered Trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products.

2 As of 5/1/19 the Vis-U-All Low Temperature Sterilization Pouches have been validated for use in all cycles on the STERRAD 100NX and STERRAD NX with and without ALLClear Technology and STERRAD 100S Sterilizers.

3 Tyvek® is a registered trademark of Dupont Corporation.

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