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Roth Net Specialty Retrievers

Specialty Roth Net® retrievers are available to address unique retrieval situations. This includes mini-sized retrieval nets for small foreign bodies and maxi-sized retrievers for large foreign bodies, such as AA batteries. We also offer an enteroscopic retriever designed for excised polyp removal in the small bowel. The wide selection of Roth Net® retrieval devices in a variety of sizes makes it easy to find the right one for specific applications.

Roth Net Retriever - Enteroscope

The Roth Net® enteroscopic retriever is the ideal retrieval device for removal of excised polyps and foreign bodies, it's unique net design offers a comfortable measure of safety and security during procedures.

Roth Net Retriever

Roth Net Retriever - Maxi

The Roth Net® maxi retriever is ideal for large foreign body removal, such as batteries and EMR specimens too large for any other sized retriever.

Roth Net Retriever - Mini

The Roth Net® mini foreign body retriever is extremely effective for removing coins, watch batteries and a variety of other foreign bodies children tend to swallow.