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Roth Net® Foreign Body Retrievers

STERIS Endoscopy has led the innovation and development of endoscopic foreign body retrieval tools needed for successful foreign body removal which includes the Roth Net foreign body retrieval portfolio. Our selection of Roth Net retrievers consists of devices in a variety of sizes and shapes to support the toughest foreign body removal and food bolus cases. The Roth Net retriever– 360 and Roth Net Platinum retrievers are ideal for food impaction and foreign body removal such as coins or marbles past the cricopharyngeus. Click below to learn more about our complete offering of Roth Net foreign body retrieval solutions. These recommended nets include several Roth Net polyp retrieval devices that can be utilized for securing polyp fragments as well as foreign bodies.

Roth Net 360

Roth Net® Retriever - 360

  • Offers 360 degree, one-to-one rotation for controlled net placement and alignment even in retroflexed or torturous positions
  • Reinforced net weave offers durability, strength and visibility throughout the procedure
  • New spade shaped snare form that opens to full capacity even after multiple passes
  • Available in 3 x 5cm size and 230cm length

Roth Net Select

Roth Net® Retriever - Select

  • Reinforced net weave design, offers enhanced durability and strength
  • Unique netting allows for visibility throughout the procedure
  • Durable retrieval net performs even in retroflexed or torturous positions
  • Available in 3 x 6cm in size and 230cm in length

Roth Net Platinum Retriever

Roth Net® Platinum® Retriever - Universal

  • Ergonomic retrieval net with an octagonal flat wire design opens to maximum capacity while maintaining its form within the lumen for consistent performance and effective retrieval
  • Monofilament stiff wire helps to easily get around food bolus in the esophagus or to collect blunt foreign bodies in the stomach (Ex: Quarter)
  • Large capacity foreign body retriever is 4 x 5.5cm in size and 230cm in length

Roth Net Maxi

Roth Net® Retriever - Maxi

  • A 4 x 8cm net solution for exceptionally large foreign bodies such as AA batteries or large endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) resections
  • EMR specimen retriever is specifically designed to securely extract polyps and foreign bodies by completely surrounding them
  • This large foreign body retrieval net is our largest capacity net available

Roth Net Mini

Roth Net® Retriever - Mini

  • Ideal for use in pediatric gastroscopes or other smaller scopes with a channel size of 2.0mm or larger
  • Effective for removing coins, watch batteries and a variety of other foreign bodies that are commonly swallowed by mistake
  • Offers precision needed during retrieval in smaller anatomy or tight areas (ex: Narrow Esophagus)
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