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SPM® Surgical Asset Tracking Software

  • Surgical instrument tracking system to ensure you’ll have the right equipment delivered on time for your next procedure
  • Provides Sterile Processing Technicians with step-by-step instructions to deliver consistent, quality results
  • Be audit ready and easily access reporting necessary to manage challenging demands of any department schedule


SPM Surgical Asset Tracking Software will transform reprocessing from reactive to proactive with insights derived from a full suite of decision-making tools that help efficiently manage workflow, simplify complex tasks, and ensure documented compliance.

Surgical instrument tracking and tracing system

Knowledge is Power

Bring actionable intelligence to your sterile processing operations and take department management to new heights based on insights from customizable dashboards with key performance indicators. More than 100 automated reports will provide managers with actionable insights on everything from total trays processed to missing instruments. With the Needs List, case needs are prioritized so the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) can change direction in real-time based on Operating Room (OR) schedule adjustments. With this single data source for the SPD, GI, and OR departments – SPM helps keep everyone in lockstep.

Tap into Technology

Manage Loaner Sets - Increase visibility of loaner sets from start to finish so the SPD and OR are aware of the status of sets for scheduled cases. Both the OR and SPD can track the loaner set from request, to delivery in the OR so everyone knows what trays are needed when, and where they are in the sterilization/delivery process.

Scan and Go - Technicians can populate the Needs List and complete case cart builds remotely with the use of a mobile handheld computer.

Quick Search – Easily search for instrument trays to determine their last scanned location.

Text Message Alerts - Keep the SPD and OR informed throughout the perioperative loop via email and text message alerts. Quality events, OR priority requests, and recalls are quickly communicated to stakeholders in both departments.

Carts and Distribution Management - Build case carts from the OR schedule and know when all items are ready to use. Case carts are labeled and barcoded providing immediate access to the location of the needed instruments, which are all tied to a specific patient and procedure.

Surgical instrument tracking

phone with text message about SPM Load 

Guided Workflows Helps Ensure Processing Success

Sterile processing workflow

Reinforce your reprocessing approach every step of the way with guided workflows based on industry standards, hospital policies, and manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFUs).

Flexibility to tailor steps within workflows to align processes with hospital policies and industry standards. Ensure only properly trained Technicians complete specific tasks based on their competencies.

SPM breaks down complex IFUs into a manageable checklist, and guided workflows help users to complete steps correctly and efficiently. An optional oneSOURCE link allows staff to easily search for IFUs while helping to ensure items, including loaner trays, are processed correctly.

Audit Ready in an Instant

Be Joint Commission audit-ready with a paperless AAMI and SGNA conforming documentation package, keeping your facility audit-ready at all times. For regular reporting, quickly access records with integrated search functionality linked to each set name, case inventory, patient, and procedure.

Joint Commission audit ready in the SPD

Specific modules effortlessly communicate and automate documentation not only in your department, but throughout your entire facility and hospital network. Connect not only your Operating Room and Sterile Processing Department, but also your endoscopy suites, clinics, or ambulatory surgery centers.

Support Behind the Screens: Today and Tomorrow

Let staff focus on priorities while a dedicated SPM project manager gets your system up and running with a comprehensive database build of your entire inventory including permanently labeled trays, single/peel pack items, and loaner trays.

Receive industry leading support after implementation with a dedicated technical support team available 24/7.

Access the SPM Customer Resource Center provides around the clock access to training videos on standard system tasks as well as recent enhancements, plus regularly scheduled live webinars provide training within the system.



Medical Staff in meeting

SPM seamlessly integrates with all your machines and devices.


Washer Interface

Build washer loads, manage and record process challenge results, documents washer cycle selection, and record washer cycle efficacy results linked back to every tray in the load.


Steam Sterilizer Interface

Simplify and streamline the most high-frequency process in your department and include OR sterilizers to ensure consistency wherever this work is performed.


V-PRO™ Interface

The SPM interface for the full line of V-PRO™ machines ensures not only the proper and complete documentation required but will also check the compatibility of the machine and cycle selection based on device requirements.


Biological Monitoring Interface

Designed to discipline the use of Test and Control BIs, the interface also drives the recall process and delivers an AAMI-conforming and Joint Commission audit-ready documentation package.


STERRAD™ Interface

Whether a direct interface or part of the larger ASP ACCESS™ Technology ecosystem, allow the interface to increase your control and reduce the possibility of processing errors.


SPM's Guided Workflows

ERi in combination with SPM's guided workflows provides complete and consistent documentation and helps ensure critical processing steps are followed every time a scope is processed.

ORi Module connects the operating room with the SPD

Keep the SPD informed, in real-time, of the OR schedule. With up-to-the-moment schedule information, SPM prioritizes which sets to reprocess first allowing SPDs to mobilize resources. By elevating the sterilization process from the standard first-in, first-out model, SPM saves precious time in both the SPD and the OR.

Link to Request SPM ORi Video Form
  • Integrates with the industry's leading EMR vendors to provide options and flexibility depending on requirements and objectives
  • Synchronize data between systems
  • Map the surgical tray inventory to OR preference cards
  • Capture add-on and emergency cases in real time
  • Electronically capture instrument set use to the patient/procedure for full traceability

Scope Management/HLD Module connects your endoscopy department and ensures helps see that critical processing steps are followed consistently

Link to Request SPM HLD Video Form

For all scope management processes, whether based on terminal sterilization or high-level disinfection, guided workflows are created which marry the IFUs and reprocessing requirements of every scope in your inventory with the reprocessing capabilities of your department. ERi enables you to constantly provide complete, safe, effective, and compliant outcomes for your scope processing.

Instrument Tracking Module (ITM)

Gain flexibility and control with SPM’s supplemental ITM module. ITM is entirely scalable and allows for management of singles, specialty items and entire set contents. ITM is compatible with all methods of marking individual instruments, including KeyDots™, electro-chemical etching and laser marking processes.

What can SPM connect, or interface, with?

SPM goes beyond instrument tracking to connect (or interface) with several different pieces of sterile processing equipment including washers, sterilizers, and incubators for all major manufacturers. SPM also connects to devices in the GI space for scope processing and endoscope storage cabinets. To connect all departments together, SPM interfaces with other software including surgery scheduling systems.

Does SPM help technicians adhere to industry standards and guidelines?

Yes, AAMI, AORN, IAHCSMM and SGNA recommendations and guidelines are built directly into department processes and workflows to help ensure work is performed properly and completely each time.

Are interfaces such as connecting to the OR, or managing loaner trays, required to be implemented at the same time as initial setup?

No, interfaces can be implemented at any time with minimal disruption to the SPD.

What kind of ongoing support can I expect from the SPM team?

We assign a dedicated client services account manager, offer 24/7 technical support and provide an extensive Customer Resource Center full of documentation, eLearnings, and webinars for online training.

Technical/Setup FAQs

Is it difficult to convert from an existing tracking system to SPM?

We have extensive experience in conversion from other tracking systems to SPM making it a smooth process. If our implementation team can use a data extract from your current tracking system, this can reduce the time of implementation.

If I want to transfer my data from the current system I’m using now into SPM, will the current state of my count sheets/data be cleaned up?

Yes, part of the data entry process includes “cleaning” your existing data to reduce duplicates and errors. Instrument names can be reworded to meet a standard naming convention within SPM, so your new system gets your department off to a strong start.

Can the servers be virtual?

Yes, SPM supports a virtual server setup.

Can the database be on a separate shared database server?

Yes, the database storage can be configured during implementation to a separate shared server.

Can existing workstation computers be used?

Yes, as long as they meet SPM’s specifications which can be found in the SPM® Server and Workstation Specification document.

Can existing barcode scanners be used even if they don’t match what’s in the proposal?

Yes, SPM is very flexible with barcode scanners. If the scanner can read code 128 barcode language and connect to the PC, it can be used.

The SPM Customer Resource Center:
Giving You the Tools You Need and the Knowledge to Use Them

The SPM Customer Resource Center is designed with our Customers in mind. SPM Customers can use this resource at any time for technical support, documentation, or learning opportunities. It gives Customers the resources they need to:

  • Conform to current AAMI guidelines and documentation requirements
  • Improve management of instrument usage, maintenance and specialized sterilization needs
  • Better meet the needs of the OR
  • Do the best job keeping your patients safe

On-Demand Webinars

Recorded webinars discussing the most popular topics in sterile processing and SPM are available on demand so Customers can listen at their convenience.

Documentation Library

All SPM documentation, set up guides, step by step instructions, IT information, and release notes highlighting new features can be found easily and efficiently.

Free CE Credits

Customers have the ability to earn more than 30 free CE credits from IAHCSMM and CBSPD by completing technician exercises and eLearning modules and watching recorded webinars and instructional videos.

Online Training and How-To Videos

Online training via recorded webinars, instructional videos, and eLearning modules provide how-to’s on popular topics and interactive, guided practice through more complex SPM workflows.

SPM Online Manager Training Program

This program equips managers to use key SPM management and administrative functions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations in their sterile processing departments.

If you are a current SPM Customer and would like access to the Customer Resource Center please request an account.

ConnectAssure Technology

  • Digital data management system that collects cycle information from STERIS equipment and securely connects it to the hospital instrument tracking system
  • Aids in record keeping and workflow management
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