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HexaVue™ IP Integration System

  • Delivering all the benefits of the HexaVue integrated OR through powerful network-based technologies
  • More 4K connections and features than ever
  • Uncompromised 4K visualization and image capture
  • Connects seamlessly to endoscopes from any vendor
  • Supports uptime through discrete remote support capabilities


Product Overview

The modern operating room (OR) is fast-paced and demanding, where every second matters. The HexaVue IP Integration System helps every member of your team deliver uncompromised patient care through scalable, 4K equipment. Through secure, network-based IP technology, thoughtfully designed surgical-grade displays and connections, a zero-footprint OR design, and a simple user interface, this future-ready IP system is designed to empower the teams it serves.

The HexaVue IP Integration System is built to connect seamlessly with HexaVue™ Connect, a software-based portfolio of tools designed to further enhance patient care in and out of the OR. HexaVue Connect helps minimize foot traffic in the OR by providing remote access to clinical data while also unlocking the ability to collaborate with colleagues from virtually anywhere.

How the HexaVue IP Integration System Works

The HexaVue IP Integration System is designed for clinical teams and the care you provide to patients. This OR integration system streamlines operating room management by offering:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Multiple touch panel command stations for parallel tasks
  • Universal ports for simple device connection
  • Robust collaboration during procedures

The HexaVue IP system is located outside of the OR for easy access and maintenance, freeing up valuable space in the OR. The clutter-free design improves OR safety due to the absence of extra cabling and devices, making it easier for teams to perform in fast-paced and demanding operating environments.

Why Choose HexaVue IP?

The HexaVue IP Integration System is designed to empower all roles within and around the OR, from administration to physicians and nurses, to IT specialists and biomedical engineers.

  • Built for the OR – Sealed and impact-resistant 4K monitors promote infection prevention while the zero-footprint design reduces clutter.
  • Built for Clinical Insight – Uncompromised 4K visualization and image capture that preserves the purity of the video, allowing you to see every fine detail and shade of color in real time.
  • Built for More Than Basic Compatibility – Connect seamlessly to endoscopes from any vendor, and use custom presets designed to fit every need and application based on surgeon preferences.
  • Built to Grow – Custom-configured to offer the features you need today, with the option to upgrade easily after installation through a simple software update.
  • Built for the Operating Room of the Future – Ready for changing OR needs, like new procedures, services, and technologies.
  • Built to Connect – HexaVue Connect Software allows you to securely access information and media in the OR from virtually anywhere via smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Expert Support at Every Stage – Get support at every stage from the STERIS team, from the OR Integration Specialist to the Rapid-Response Remote Support Specialists, throughout the lifetime of your HexaVue IP Integration System.
  • Supports Care in Crisis – Collaboration features minimize OR traffic helping to keep the doors closed in the operation room and conserving personal protective equipment (PPE).
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What is IP Based Technology?

IP Technology is used within the OR to transmit information over a network. For example, IP conferencing is used to communicate over a network. IP video routing is used to transmit video within the OR over a network.

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