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Biopsy Valves and Irrigation Accessories

Our full line of biopsy valves and irrigation accessories are single-use, offering consistent performance and compliance with infection control guidelines.

Single-use BioShield biopsy valve EUS - linear

BioShield biopsy valve EUS – linear

  • Disposable valve that is compatible with Olympus linear echoendoscopes
  • Single-use biopsy valve that provides consistent performance and eliminates the need for traceability
  • Offers a unique appearance for easy differentiation from reusable biopsy valves


BioShield® Biopsy Valve

  • Single-use biopsy valves that promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines
  • Provide an alternative to manual reprocessing
  • Offer compatibility with Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm endoscopes
  • Available in sterile biopsy valve option for procedures when sterility is preferred

DEFENDO single-use biopsy valve – Olympus

DEFENDO™ Single-Use Biopsy Valves

  • Disposable design supports patient safety and industry guidelines
  • Offers compatibility with Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm GI endoscopes


BioShield® Irrigating Adaptor

  • For use with BioShield biopsy valves, this adaptor maximizes direct, intraprocedural irrigation.

BioShield Irrigator

BioShield® Irrigator

  • Provides immediate, direct irrigation through the endoscopy biopsy channel
  • Allows clinicians to flush blood, exudate, and other debris out of the way anytime throughout a procedure – even with a device in place
  • Available for use with Olympus, Fujifilm (G5 series or newer) and Pentax gastrointestinal endoscopes

DEFENDO Single-Use Y-Opsy Irrigator

DEFENDO™ Single-Use Y-Opsy Irrigator

  • Sterile, single-use design provides an alternative option to manual cleaning and reprocessing
  • Allows clinicians to irrigate and use devices simultaneously
  • Offers compatibility with Olympus and Fujifilm endoscopes
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