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Polyp Traps

STERIS is proud to offer a complete portfolio of polyp trap retrieval solutions that address a variety of Customer preferences and clinical needs.

Baleen Polyp Trap

Baleen Polyp Trap

The Baleen™ polyp trap features a compact design to help minimize storage space and is an economical alternative to other polyp trap solutions.

eTrap Polyp Trap

ETrap Polyp Trap

The eTrap® polyp trap allows for quick and accurate retrieval, while safeguarding clinicians from unnecessary exposure to biomaterials.

InStream polyp trap

InStream Polyp Trap

The InStream® polyp trap minimizes exposure to biomaterial and is a cost-effective alternative to single specimen and mucous traps.

Quick Catch In Line Suction Polyp Trap

Quick Catch In-Line Suction Polyp Trap

The Quick Catch™ in-line suction polyp trap allows for easy in-line installation and features clear plastic construction allowing for quick visual verification of polyp specimens.

Suction Polyp Trap

Suction Polyp Trap™ Four Chamber Trap

The Suction Polyp Trap™ four chamber trap helps reduce procedure time by eliminating the need for hand screening and filtering and allowing for quick retrieval of polyp specimens.