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Polyp Traps

STERIS Endoscopy is proud to offer a complete portfolio of polyp trap solutions that address numerous clinical needs for polyp retrieval. Our full portfolio of polyp traps features the innovative eTrap® polyp trap including two strainer trays and polyp trap tissue specimen container for accurate polyp retrieval, a multiple polyp chamber trap for identification and localization of collected specimen and economical solutions to accommodate a variety of Customer preferences. Click below to learn more about each of our polyp trap solutions.

etrap polyp trap

eTrap® Polyp Trap

  • Includes two removable strainer trays that provide little or no biomaterial exposure
  • Offers ability to collect multiple polyps with uninterrupted suction
  • Features a magnifying window that allows for direct visualization of the collected specimen

Quick Catch In Line Suction Polyp Trap

Quick Catch In-Line Suction Polyp Trap

The Quick Catch™ in-line suction polyp trap allows for easy in-line installation and features clear plastic construction allowing for quick visual verification of polyp specimens.

Suction Polyp Trap

Suction Polyp Trap

  • Provides four capture chambers with large numbering to aid in accurate identification and localization of collected specimen
  • Includes a rotatable lid to allow for efficient polyp retrieval during procedures
  • Designed to filter specimens helping to minimize time and exposure to bodily fluids
  • Features a clear chamber design to allow for quick visual verification of polyp collection

Baleen Polyp Trap

Baleen® Polyp Trap

  • Polyp trap netting is made of a sturdy, durable material that helps to resist tearing
  • Compact design helps minimize storage space and is an economical option
  • Facilitates user safety by eliminating the need for hand screening for tissue samples in collected endoscopic effluent
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