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MEDglas™ Prefabricated OR Walls

  • Specially tempered security glass combines beauty, strength and ultra-durability and cleanability
  • Prefabricated modular glass wall system is customizable with a wide range of colors, patterns, images and lighting options
  • Easy to clean operating room walls able to withstand most disinfecting agents offering a better solution than site built drywall
  • Glass operating room walls won't dent or show signs of aging or yellowing and are more scratch-resistant than stainless steel


Product Overview

With a virtually limitless range of lighting options, wall colors, patterns, or even images, MEDglas modular operating room (OR) walls provide a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing combination of a healing environment and functional workspace for the well-being of patients and clinicians alike. With minimized maintenance costs compared to drywall and other conventional building materials, MEDglas Walls do not dent or show signs of aging or yellowing and are more scratch-resistant than other building materials.

Prefabricated Walls for the Modern OR

Ambient LED lighting integrated into the prefabricated wall system helps support the workflow of the healing environment with a variety of color options for different clinical situations. STERIS MEDglas Prefabricated OR Walls are high quality, factory built and come ready to install. The modular, prefabricated walls are designed for an installation that takes days, not weeks. MEDglas OR Walls are fully recyclable, creating a zero-waste solution for your facility.

Ultra-durable modular glass walls for the OR

The modular glass system is built specifically for the rigorous OR environment and to withstand even a 9.2 magnitude earthquake. The specially tempered security glass is also non-combustible, non-flammable, and easy for terminal cleaning of the OR with most disinfecting agents. Resistant to most acids and alkalis, only aggressive acids like hydrofluoric acid are able to damage MEDglas.

Modular Wall System Design, Planning, and Installation

View, download, and print technical information for MEDglas Prefabricated OR Walls including CAD Blocks, Revit Family Objects, equipment drawings, technical data sheets, and more on the STERIS Architect Portal.

STERIS is a trusted partner for quality control and project management coordination with the hospital facility or general contractor. Fully-trained, ASHE-certified STERIS installers have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a smooth, professional installation.

Product comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and fading.

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How strong are MEDglas OR Walls?

The walls are constructed from specially tempered and toughened 10 mm security glass. It can withstand force of up to a 9.2 earthquake.

Once you choose the design, can it be changed?

The panels are easily accessible and can be modified to accommodate new equipment or new aesthetic designs if your needs change.

How does MEDglas minimize maintenance costs?

Unlike drywall that requires frequent repairs, MEDglas is also ultra-durable. It does not dent or show signs of aging or yellowing. It’s also noncombustible, nonflammable, and resistant to most acids and alkalis.

How does MEDglas support infection prevention efforts?

The prefabricated walls can be installed on a framework or over an existing wall. Its smooth surface does not harbor dust or dirt and can be completely sealed, eliminating the nooks and crannies that can be hard to clean and disinfect.

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General Data


Modular glass cladding made of toughened safety glass with a hot storage test. (Raw material before process is float glass). System is to be mounted on a substructure. 25/64" [10 mm] thick thermally toughened safety glass including all cutouts according to requirements. Scratch- and crack-resistant glass. The glass panels are additionally stored in a hot storage furnace for 8 hours at 554°F [290 °C] (Heat-Soak-Test) to avoid spontaneous breakage due to trapped nickel sulfides. Disassembly and reassembly possible without any damage.


Opaque color coating according to RAL color table on the back of the glass


Optional image on the back of the glass (MGW-002)


All joints sealed with Ottoseal silicone (or equivalent) or a reusable silicone profile for in-wall displays. (see separate data sheets; MSS-015 - 018)

Edges and Cutouts

All edges and cutouts polished


Hidden panel fastening using screws

LED Light

Optional LED lighting can be added behind the glass. All installations according to individual requirements


Optional in-wall, flush-mount display monitors can be added behind the glass. All installations according to individual requirements


Product comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and fading


Made in Germany; Produced by MEDIK Hospital Design GmbH



Floor layout is necessary

Elevation Drawings

Elevation drawings are necessary

Cutouts and Measurements

All panel cutouts and measurements must be pre-planned exactly. Subsequent processing is not possible. Alternatively, the position MED Wall Extension Panel (stainless steel panel see MGW-006) can be installed for subsequent processing. Please also note: Holes must be drilled next to door frames at a distance of at least 5 29/32" [150 mm]. Holes on an extension panel must be drilled at a distance of at least 3 15/16" [100 mm] and holes on glass panels at a distance of at least 1 31/32" [50 mm]. Light switches and door openers (MED Door Drive Magic Switch see MDD-005) must be installed at a distance of at least 3 15/16" [100 mm].


Material for installation must be on site

Storage Area

Storage area for the material must be available

Transportation Way

The way of transportation to the construction site should be passable with a lifting carriage or trolley


All wall installations have to be removed

Piping and Cabling

All piping and cabling must be finished


Any kind of substructure must be available. Glass is screwed to substructure in the gap between panels


Tempered safety glass in accordance with EN 12150-2

Tempered safety glass conformity in accordance with EN 14179-2

Safety glass according to DIN 1863-1 and EN 12150 consisting of Sanco Dur

Condensate test according to DIN-1096-1

Heat-Soak-Test to EN-10204 (Test report after process)

All edges and cutouts polished according to DIN EN 1249 part 11

Production according to DIN EN ISO 9001 - quality management

Production according to DIN EN ISO 14001 - environmental management

Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC)

Earthquake Certificate

Cleaning / Maintenance

The following information is appropriate for all glass constructions installed by STERIS or one of its authorized installation partners. During the cleaning of glass surfaces, it is important to use clean water to avoid scratches by dirt particles

  • Use a soft, clean sponge, leather or cloth
  • The effect of cleaning can be supported by using a neutral detergent or a typical glass cleaner
  • The glass is resistant to most commonly used detergents
  • Do not use sharp metal items for cleaning the surface of the glass construction can cause scratches on the surface
  • The use of mobile polishing units for repairing surface damages will cause major defects in the surface and can negatively affect the stability of the glass. If using this type of device, the safety of the glass cannot be guaranteed
  • Glass can generally be cleaned with regular detergents
  • Chemicals based on alkaline leaches, acids or fluoride-containing substances may not be used. These can affect the surface of glass permanently

Recommended cleaning procedure

  • Dry cleaning processes should not be used.
  • Spray plenty of water onto the Glass to loosen hard, abrasive particles
  • Clean cloths regularly to avoid scratches
  • Dry the surface with a dry, clean cloth
  • Clean the surface with a regular detergent and rinse with plain water
  • Film of the detergent can be removed with a clean, dry cotton cloth
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