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PYURE Air and Surface Sanitization

  • Scalable to small and large sized treatment areas
  • Can be integrated into single or multiple HVAC/air handling systems
  • Equipped with two hydroxyl generating optics and designed for continuous operation



PYURE In-duct Air Purifier

Safe and Natural Sanitization

The PYURE Air and Surface Sanitization system is an efficient and effective solution against pathogens that improves air quality and sanitizes surfaces without harming people or equipment in the room. The system has shown to be safe and highly effective at reducing bacteria, viruses, mold, and odor-causing compounds in occupied spaces.

PYURE uses UV energy to transform water vapor in the air into Hydroxyls which rapidly destroy harmful pathogens and other volatile organic compounds (VOC), and create helpful organic oxidants. While the fast-acting Hydroxyls are consumed within milliseconds, the longer-lasting oxidants continue to remain and react, keeping the air safe to breathe. 

operating room disinfection and sanitization

operating room disinfection and sanitization


PYURE produces concentrations of Hydroxyls and organic oxidants similar to what is naturally generated outdoors1 – recreating the cleansing action of the sun for indoor spaces.

Nature’s Process Outdoors

Cleaning with UV light

Indoor Process via PYURE

UV light sterilization operating room

12 to 4 million molecules/cm3 hydroxyl production similar to nature: 3 to 10 million molecules/cm3. (David R. Crosley, Connie J. Araps, Melanie Doyle-Eisele & Jacob D. McDonald (2017) Gas-phase photolytic production of hydroxyl radicals in an ultraviolet purifier for air and surfaces, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 67:2, 231-240, DOI: 10.1080/10962247.2016.1229236.)

Dynamic Protection Against Harmful Pathogens

PYURE offers more benefits than other air purification and surface sanitization methods. PYURE solutions are designed to complement existing sanitization practices, delivering higher levels of protection and improving staff and patient safety.

PYURE Filters
Ionization Germicidal
UV In-Duct
Safe for Occupied Spaces Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes***
Reduce Pathogens in Air – Inside the Device Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Reduce Pathogens in Air – Outside the Device Yes No Limited* Limited** No Limited***
Kills Pathogens on Surfaces Yes No Limited* Limited** No Limited***
Safe for Materials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
VOC & Odor Removal in Air Inside the Device Yes No Yes Yes No No
VOC & Odor Removal in Air Outside the Device Yes No Limited* Limited** No No
Sensor Driven Interactive Controls with Data Logging Yes No No No No No
Scalable Yes Yes No Limited No No
Remove Particulates No Yes No Yes No No

* Hydroxyl production is restricted to the catalyst surface, very limited production of organic oxidants

** Reactivity of ions and O2 are short lived, effect drops off quickly as distance from ion source increases

***At concentrations that are safe for human exposure (less than 1 PPM), pathogen reduction is limited


Frequently Asked Questions


Pyure Technology® is designed to bring the cleansing power of the sun indoors. The PYURE In-Duct Unit (IDU) can be used for protection against airborne pathogens in the operating environment, office spaces, waiting areas, and anywhere cleaner air is desired.

The IDU™ series comes in two models, designed for optimal performance and safety within the treatment (coverage) area (as defined by ASHRAE 170) when used in typical Operating Room (OR) environments (20-30 ACH, 80-87% air recirculation, 68° - 75°F (20°- 24°C) room air temperature, 20 – 60% relative humidity and 10 foot (3.5m) ceiling height). A particular model selection is based on the size of the operating room floor area (see table below) and use of the "High" (2-optics) setting.

Model Operating Room Floor Area
IDS02 – PYURE In-Duct Unit Sterile Field 300 ft2 – 500 ft2 (27.8 m2 – 46.5 m2)
IDB02 – PYURE In-Duct Unit Sterile Field 500 ft2 – 900 ft2 (46.5 m2 – 83.6 m2)

PYURE offers dynamic protection and air quality improvement by using hydroxyl generation to mimic the way sunlight sanitizes our outdoor environment. The PYURE In-Duct Unit is equipped with two hydroxyl generating optics, and is designed for continuous operation.

Purifies and sanitizes air

  • Kills airborne viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Neutralizes and decomposes volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other chemicals

Sanitizes surfaces and porous materials

  • Kills viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold
  • Is not harmful to materials

Neutralizes odors

  • Chemical odors
  • Mildew

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Product Number Description

IDS02 PYURE In-Duct Unit sterile field for 300 ft2 - 500 ft2 treatment area
IDB02 PYURE In-Duct Unit sterile field for 500 ft2 - 900 ft2 treatment area

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(L x W x D)
14.5" x 9.63" x 14.35" (368mm x 245mm x 365mm)
Weight 13.47lbs (6.11kg)
Voltage 110V 50/60Hz
Power 100 Watts (Nominal) | 195 Watts (Max)
Metering System Hour Meter
Number of Optics 2
Shipping Dimensions 16" x 16" x 16" (407mm x 407mm x 407mm)
Shipping Weight 17.5lbs (7.94kg)
Certification ETL US/Canada, CE, RoHS, REACH
Manufacturer Warranty Two (2) years, covering defects in workmanship or materials, excluding spare parts and consumables
Document # Document Title
Document # Document Title
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