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AMSCO Flexmatic® Scrub Sinks

  • Constructed entirely of heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Hands-free water control and soap dispensing
  • Optional infrared sensor turns water on and off, promoting infection prevention
  • Optional integrated eye wash station, digital timer, knee-operated internal soap dispenser and divider screens available for added safety


Designed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories safety standards, AMSCO Flexmatic Scrub Sinks fulfill the requirements of any Operating Room. Available with 1, 2, or 3 stations, these stainless steel scrub sinks offer hands–free operation of both water and soap. Safety features minimize contamination risk, and design options and accessories provide convenience to your staff.

How AMSCO Flexmatic Scrub Sinks Work

Made of heavy gauge stainless steel with welded compartments and coved corners for easy cleaning, STERIS Operating Room scrub sinks are designed for easy, hands–free scrubbing to support infection prevention measures in the surgical environment.

  • Available models – 1, 2, or 3 stations
  • Hands–free water control – Infrared sensor or Knee–activated panel turns water on and off
  • Digital timer – Ensures adequate scrubbing time
  • Standard rose spray faucet  – Showerhead type pattern without aerated water
  • Optimum water temperature The built–in thermostatically–controlled mixing valve provides water temperature up to 115° F (46° C) to prevent scaling
  • Chair carrier  – Recommended to support the hanging weight of the scrub station if the wall is not properly reinforced

Why AMSCO Flexmatic Scrub Sinks?

The AMSCO Flexmatic Scrub Sinks can be customized with optional:

  •  Optional hands–free soap dispenser – 2 cc. of soap are released with each push of the foot pump or field upgradable knee panel operated accessory
  • Laminar flow faucet – Delivers a consistent stream of non-splash water
  • Eye–wash station – Safety option is turned on by activating the knee panel and a pull of the center knob, releasing both safety caps to provide instant flushing*
  • Divider screen Available on 2 and 3 station units for reducing splash and aerosol contamination between adjacent stations 

* faucet–mounted eye wash stations (regardless of manufacturer) require two motions to operate (turn water on, pull knob) and thus do not meet the provisions of ANSI Z358.1–2004.

Shelf for AMSCO Flexmatic Scrub Sinks

AMSCO Flexmatic Scrub Sink Shelf

Organize the critical area above your Operating Room scrub sink with this durable, 18 gauge (0.050" thick) Stainless Steel utility shelf. Handily position your most needed scrub supplies directly above the sink. The attractive, bead-blasted finish matches the AMSCO  Flexmatic Scrub Sinks (single and dual bay models).



8" x 32" Shelf


8" x 64" Shelf


Dimensions (W x D x H)

32 x 27 9/32 x 51 1/2" (813 x 692 x 1308 mm)

64 x 27 9/32 x 51 1/2" (1626 x 692 x 1308 mm)

96 x 27 9/32 x 51 1/2" (2438 x 692 x 1308 mm)

Laminar Flow Faucet Head


Optional; both would have same style head

Optional; all would have same style head

Eye Wash Station Attachment


Optional; can be attached to left or
right faucet

Optional; can be attached to any faucet

Infrared Water Control Optional Optional Optional
Foot Pump Soap Dispenser Optional Optional; recommend
one for each station
Optional; can be
attached to any faucet

Knee-operated internal soap dispenser




Digital Timer Optional Optional Optional
Divider Screen Optional Optional Optional
Temperature Safety >115°F (46°C) >115°F (46°C) >115°F (46°C)

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