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HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Single and dual fixed height arm systems
  • Dual adjustable arm systems
  • Precision placement with electromechanical brakes and robust bearings
  • Customizable column length and ergonomic control handles
  • Future ready for modular growth with accessories and expansion modules


STERIS HarmonyAIR Equipment Columns are uniquely designed to maximize room space by organizing surgical equipment and medical services in one central location, delivering 360° of equipment accessibility. Choose either a column built to handle equipment or anesthesia and perfusion needs.

HarmonyAIR Equipment Columns provide a graceful, light-as-air experience, and are easy and comfortable to move, so you can perform procedures with less fatigue and frustration. The slim design allows you to work as close as possible to the patient but maintain proximity to vital medical equipment needed for the procedure.


  • Completely customizable - Each equipment column is customizable for your specific needs. Choose between fixed height or motorized height adjustable arm systems, columns of various lengths, and hundreds of accessories to improve the organization, safety and efficiency of your OR.
  • Confidently manages the toughest loads - The equipment column will not deflect under heavy loads and the arm system offers a large cross section for routing hoses and cable bundles.
  • Precision placement to improve your workflow - Robust ultra-glide bearings ensure the surgical boom moves smoothly and easily with little effort, allowing frictionless positioning. Electromechanical brakes eliminate drift and are more reliable and less costly to operate than other braking systems.
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfort and control - The control features are clearly indicated with intuitive icons to allow you to move the boom with confidence and stay on task. The dual control handles feel natural - not awkward - for a feeling of ultimate comfort and control.
  • Optimal patient access - With a small, compact design, you have plenty of room to operate. The surgeon is not limited in accessing the patient, and support staff can maintain a line of sight to the surgical field while positioning.
  • Efficiency on display - The modern and sleek design enables you to easily add accessories to allow you to work more efficiently, smartly complementing its functionality in the OR.
  • Future-ready convenience - Blank plates enable you to add data, video integration, or other post-install items when you are ready for them and the streamlined design of the integrated cable management is easy to clean.
  • Modular growth - Expansion modules for gas regulators, additional electric, gas, and data allow the unit to literally grow with you as needs change. The HarmonyAIR Smoke Evacuation System can also be added in the future.
  • Mobile nurse workstation - In a standing position facing the sterile field, the nurse can chart while maintaining close proximity with the adjustable ergonomic work station, minimizing the need for extra equipment.


  • Single or Dual Fixed Height Arm Systems - Total reach lengths range from 24 - 96" (600 - 2400mm)
  • Dual Adjustable Height Arm Systems - Motorized systems with total reach lengths ranging from 64 - 88" (1600 - 2200mm)
  • Customizable Column Length - Length is dependent on utility and equipment needs and is determined during custom configuration process
  • Electromechanical Brakes - Eliminates drift and allows for precise placement of the unit in conjunction with brake handle controls
  • Single or Tandem Mounting - Enables independent mounting or at the side of a second equipment column or supply head, HarmonyAIR surgical lighting system, or monitor carrier
  • Adjustable Rotational Stops - Limits horizontal range to prevent gas and electric constriction
  • Swivel Radius of 330° - Provides access to the entire room when space and time is at a premium
View the Ceiling Systems Accessories Catalog here to see hundreds of accessory options.

Each equipment column is custom-configured to ensure your unique needs are addressed. Units are designed to provide: medical gas, electrical and low voltage audio/visual data services, while managing surgical support equipment. Service quantity, type and location on the unit are designated during the custom configuration process.

Equipment columns are available with the following options:

  • Up to 10 Gas Outlets
  • Up to 21 Electric Outlets
  • Single Arm Fixed Height - 24-48" (600-1200mm)
  • Dual Arm Fixed Height - 48-96" (1200-2400mm)
  • Dual Arm Adjustable Height - 64-88" (1600-2200mm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity - up to 450lb (204kg)
  • Unused service locations are covered with anodized blank plates and are easily removed to accommodate future needs.

STERIS takes the anxiety and guesswork out of equipment planning and installation. To ensure we meet your individual specifications, our Design & Planning teams will collaborate with you to ensure your HarmonyAIR Surgical Booms fits your specific needs

To ensure all your surgical boom needs are met, please contact STERIS for further information at 800-548-4873 and work with our Design & Planning team.

  • 3-D Virtual Reality Programs
  • Equipment Configuration Software
  • Design/Build CAD & BIM Programs
  • Workflow & Space Analysis
  • Production & Utilization Studies
  • Architecture Portal
  • Customer Solutions Center
  • Pre / Post Order Equipment Submittal Packages


HarmonyAIR® Accessories

  • Hundreds of available accessories
  • Expansion modules allow the unit to grow as needs change
  • Mobile and ergonomic nurse workstation brings circulator closer to sterile field

HarmonyAIR® Smoke Evacuation System

  • Effectively manages surgical smoke plume
  • Integrated installation and compact design frees vital shelf space
  • Variable filter life of up to 35 hours (~3 months) reduces procedure costs

Other Surgical Booms

HarmonyAIR® Supply Head

  • Compact horizontal orientation to meet anesthesia and/or perfusion needs
  • Multiple arm systems available - straight drop, single and dual fixed-height arm systems, and dual adjustable-height arm systems

HarmonyAIR® Monitor Carrier

  • Monitor mounting system for complex room environments
  • Compatible with any imaging vendor and imaging system
  • 4 configurations available to accommodate multiple specialties or requirements

Operating Room Equipment

Surgical Displays

  • Surgical field wall-mounted displays
  • Deliver HD and 4K visualization within the surgical field

Surgical Lights

  • Surgical, exam, and labor and delivery lighting systems
  • Deliver pure white light, and enhancement of deep saturated reds and colors

Surgical Tables

  • General surgical tables
  • Orthopedic surgical tables
  • Radiolucent imaging surgical tables

OR Integration

  • Designed to improve workflow, procedure guidance and peer collaboration
  • Deliver scalable solutions to best fit the diverse needs of the OR

AMSCO® Warming Cabinets

  • Designed to store and warm sterile intravenous (IV) and surgical irrigation fluids, linens, and blankets
  • Available in sizes to meet every clinical need

Scrub Sinks

  • Available with one, two, or three stations
  • Equipped with non-aerating rose spray faucet heads

OR Storage Solutions

  • Stationary OR storage cabinets
  • Endoscope storage cabinets
  • Mobile storage carts

Surgical Table Accessories

  • Provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with enhanced radiolucency and higher patient weight capacities
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