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VerifEye® 2.0 Video Borescope

  • Assists in visual inspection of medical devices, cannulas, and lumens
  • Inspect medical devices or scopes with a channel greater than 1.6mm and ureteroscopes with the 1.05mm inspection unit
  • Available in 3 different models to facilitate your specific needs
  • Ability to display images directly to a monitor via HDMI and compatible with virtual meeting software for virtual remote collaboration

Product Overview

Visual inspection of medical devices alone may not be enough in the cleaning process. STERIS VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope provides illumination and magnification to assist in the visual inspection of medical devices that are not easily visible. The VerifEye Video Borescope's high-resolution visualization of previously inaccessible areas allows you to inspect for damage/residual bioburden and take necessary corrective action.

The VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope is a digital inspection scope that allows Healthcare professionals to examine the full length of lumens inside endoscopes, ureteroscopes, and other medical devices. The video borescope inspection camera comes in 3 configurations – 1.2m length x 1.6mm diameter,1.2m length x 1.05mm diameter, and 1.9m length x 1.6mm diameter to ensure healthcare professionals can provide the correct tools to inspect your scopes and medical devices. No computer is necessary, with the image displaying directly to a monitor via HDMI.

The VerifEye Borescope 2.0 technology allows you to conform to AAMI ST91:2021 best practice guidelines and stay current with AAMI recommended practices for borescope inspection.

How the VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope Works: 

This water resistant digital borescope system assists in your processing cycle to inspect lumens for possible bioburden and damage visually. If debris is observed, it can be removed at the point of processing, saving time and avoiding potential cross-contamination. Damage can be detected early, and your equipment is sent for repair before a minor problem becomes a significant issue.

The all-in-one system allows you to easily capture still frames and videos directly from the Camera Control Unit via USB drive. Simply insert a properly formatted USB device and record with the press of a button.


Examples of Damage found with a Borescope:


Example of a kink in endoscopes


Example of a kink in endoscopes


Example of discoloration in endoscopes


Example of moisture in endoscopes

Why VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope?

  • Works with medical devices or scopes instrument channel greater than 1.06mm, such as a flexible ureteroscope channel
  • Easy to use – three different lengths designed to inspect both shorter and longer lumens, such as colonoscopes, in a single pass
  • Designed for effective maintenance with the modular design – inspection unit and body are separate from the control unit
  • The 1.2m length is designed to inspect shorter lumens easily
  • Direct image display to a monitor via HDMI and remote collaboration capabilities via live streaming output. Making it compatible with virtual meeting software

The VerifEye 2.0 Video Borescope is backed by the repair expertise of STERIS's instrument management services. 200+ field-based employees have completed accredited education and fully support setup, education, and troubleshooting with the borescope.

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Description VerifEye® 2.0 Video Borescope VerifEye® Video Borescope Gen 1
Working Length
  • 1.9m (VEYE202-201)
  • 1.2m (VEYE202-212, VEYE202-205)
  • 1.9m (VEYE101-101, VEYE101-102)
  • 1.2m (VEYE101-112, VEYE101-113)
Distal Camera Diameter
  • 1.6mm (VEYE202-201, VEYE202-212)
  • 1.05mm (VEYE202-205)
Max Weight
  • Inspection Unit – 0.3125 lbs. (141.75 g)
  • Camera Control Unit (CCU) – 1.3125 lbs. (595.34 g)
  • Inspection Unit – 0.3125 lbs. (141.75 g)
  • Camera Control Unit (CCU) –1.3125 lbs. (595.34 g)
  • 400 x 400 pixels (VEYE202-201, VEYE202-212)
  • 400 x 400 pixels (VEYE202-205)
400 x 400 pixels
Connections HDMI Out x 1, USB3.0 x 1, USB (UVC video out), DC In x 1 HDMI Out x 1, USB3.0 x 1, DC In x 1
Image Capture Via USB3.0 (FAT32 formatted) Via USB3.0 and VerifEye® viewer on tablet sold separately
Video Clip Recording Via USB 3.0 (FAT32 formatted) Via USB3.0 and VerifEye® viewer on tablet sold separately
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Previous Generation

VerifEYE® Video Borescope

This product is no longer available for purchase and has been replaced with the VerifEYE® 2.0 Video Borescope.

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