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VerifEye® Insulation Tester

  • Helps to stay compliant with AORN guidelines* for the inspection of insulated devices
  • Detects insulation failures in medical devices
  • Capable of testing bipolar and monopolar devices
  • Lightweight, portable unit


*Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses. (2021) Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (Section 10.3.5).

Product Overview

Insulation integrity testing is critical to safe patient outcomes and risk mitigation for surgical procedures using insulated instruments. The VerifEye Insulation Tester allows Sterile Processing Department (SPD) technicians to test the insulation of medical devices and instruments at the point of processing to detect if insulation is damaged prior to use. Damage to the insulation may not be seen by visual inspection alone. Undetected electrical leaks in insulated medical devices could cause burns to patients in a laparoscopic environment. Mitigate the risk to your patients by testing insulated devices at the point of reprocessing.

How the VerifEye Insulation Tester Works

Designed with simplicity in mind, the VerifEye Insulation Tester is intended for use in the SPD to detect insulation failures in medical devices. This portable testing device has two testing modes - high and low voltage to accurately test the electrical insulation integrity for both bi-polar and monopolar instruments.

Why the VerifEye Insulation Tester?

  • Easily detects breakage in the insulation of insulated medical instruments
  • Versatile – features two testing modes, including both a low and high voltage option
  • Clearly displays testing results
  • Durable – outer casing designed to protect the insulation tester from impact damage
  • Includes a wall charger and an internal rechargeable battery


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