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Hospital Cart and Utensil Washers

Hospital cart washers provide efficient cleaning, disinfecting and drying of surgical instrument case carts, containers, utensils, and other reusable items for high-capacity Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs). Choosing a cart and utensil washer that complies with the latest standards on cleaning, thermal disinfection, and meets your sterile processing needs is simplified with STERIS. With our wide range of sizes and functionality, STERIS hospital cart and utensil washers have a maximum throughput with a minimum footprint. Helping space constrained SPDs or Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) meet space requirements, volume, and budget demands.


STERIS Cart and Utensil Washer

AMSCO® 1215 Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

  • Process up to 43 carts per 8-hour day
  • Maximum throughput in a minimum footprint
  • For automated container processing

Vision 1300 Series Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

Vision® 1300 Series Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

  • High capacity cart washer that can process up to 192 carts in an 8-hour day
  • Ensures thorough drying with powerful HEPA filtered drying system with tilting floor
  • Lowest water consumption on the market using only 14 gallons per cycle

Reliance 1227 Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® 1227 Cart and Utensil Washer Disinfector

  • Process up to 64 carts in an 8-hour day with these cart washers
  • 15-minute cycle can process 2 carts per cycle

cart washer racks

Cart Washer Racks

  • Cool touch handles allow for immediate handling
  • Container rack holds up to 20 containers with lids and filters
  • Optimize cleaning efficiency with placement from all sides
  • Compatible with most cart washers on the market today

Surgical cart


  • Accommodate large instrument sets with deep depth shelves
  • Built to last with durable stainless-steel construction
  • Easily maneuver with ergonomic & compliant design

*Compared to non-STERIS Cart Washers/Disinfectors

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