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Reliance 1227 Cart and Utensil Washer Disinfector

Reliance® 1227 Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

  • Process up to 64 carts in an 8-hour day with these cart washers
  • 15-minute cycle can process 2 carts per cycle


The Reliance 1227 Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector are high-capacity cart washers intended for cleaning and low-level disinfecting of surgical instrument case carts and other reusable patient care items such as bedpans, basins, and containers.

How the Reliance 1227 Cart Washer and Utensil Washer/Disinfector Works

These cart washers use two horizontal traveling spray arms, one on each side of the wash chamber, each with 17 jets to provide maximum load coverage and high-impingement washing and thermal disinfection. The manual double-door system is insulated and has glass windows allowing operators to view inside the illuminated chamber.

Why the Reliance 1227 Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector?

The 34" x 106" chamber allows for 2 carts and uses 50 gallons per cycle. The cart washers come with eight factory pre-programmed cycles, including a decontamination cycle, and allow for customized cycles to be added.

Electronic Record Management with ConnectAssure™ Technology

Seamlessly connect and get immediate results from your Reliance 1227 Cart Washer with ConnectAssure Technology. Whether data is sent to your facility's tracking system or the ConnectAssure application, your cycle information is available with the click of a mouse for essential compliance reporting.

Cart Washer Size & Capacity

Reliance 1227 Overall Dimensions Effective Chamber Capacity
(2.7 meters long) 106 x 114-1/2 x 120-1/2"
(2692 x 2908 x 3061 mm)
40 x 80 x 82"
(1016 x 2032 x 2083 mm)

Utility Requirements

Please see the Tech Data sheet on the Literature Tab for complete utility requirements for these cart washers, including amperage, water/air/steam, and drain requirements.

Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Neutral Detergent

  • Designed for automated cleaning
  • Provides ultimate results against mucus, blood and fatty soils

Dri 'n Shine® Concentrated Drying Agent

  • Promotes sheeting of water to produce spot-free surfaces

Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Enzymatic Cleaner

  • Designed for automated cleaning
  • Provides ultimate results against mucus, blood and fatty soils

Printer Paper

Printer Ribbon

  • Box of 2 cartridges

Related Cart Washers & Accessories

AMSCO® 1215
Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

  • Process up to 43 carts per 8-hour day
  • Maximum throughput in a minimum footprint

Vision® 1300 Series
Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector

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Surgical Instrument Case Carts

  • Deep depth to fit large instrument sets
  • Durable stainless-steel construction

Cart Washer Racks

  • Cool touch handles allow for immediate handling
  • Container rack holds up to 20 containers with lids and filters
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