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Single-Use Sterile Instruments

  • Designed to meet the demands of both inpatient and outpatient use
  • Increase overall efficiencies for healthcare providers
  • Extensive range of high-quality disposable surgical instruments, including clamps, forceps, scissors, speculas, needle holders, and sterile procedure packs


Product Overview

Patient safety and infection prevention are paramount. STERIS offers a globally leading comprehensive line of single-use sterile instruments and procedure packs that significantly benefit healthcare providers. From cost savings to infection prevention and risk mitigation improvements, our high-quality single-use sterile instruments and procedure packs are designed to meet your facility’s needs. Instruments are delivered and ready, with consistent quality that is safe, sharp, and effective every time.

How a Single-Use Sterile Instrument works

In healthcare facilities, it is essential to have reliable, procedure-ready surgical instruments available at all times. With availability and quick turnaround times being frequent obstacles, sterile single-use instruments are delivered, ready for your next procedure. Choose from a wide range of pre-packaged single-use instruments, from disposable speculas and needle holders to scissors, to meet your facility's needs.

While not intended to fully replace complex, high-value reusable surgical instruments used in the Operating Room, incorporating single-use sterile instruments significantly benefits healthcare facilities in inpatient and outpatient settings. Single-use instruments help reduce the risk of surgical site infections and increase overall efficiencies for healthcare providers.

Infographic - Surgical Instrument Reprocessing Steps

Why Single-Use Sterile Instruments?

  • Cost Effective – Minimize the risk of costly Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) and more precisely calculate surgical procedure costs
  • Decrease in procedure delays or cancellations - due to missing, damaged, blunt, or contaminated instruments
  • Minimize Risk – reduce the risk of cross-contamination with instruments used for a single-patient
  • Increase Efficiency – Simplify the budget process and maximize patient contact time for healthcare providers
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We offer a broad range of single-use sterile instruments that healthcare facilities can utilize in inpatient and outpatient settings.


SKU Description Length
8832 Allis Tissue Forceps 3:4 Teeth 18cm/7in
8833 Allis Tissue Forceps 4:5 Teeth 25cm/10in
8842 Mosquito Artery Forceps | Curved 12.5cm/5in
8843 Mosquito Artery Forceps | Straight 12.5cm/5in
8850 Kelly Forceps | Curved 14.5cm/5.5in
8851 Kelly Forceps | Straight 14.5cm/5.5in
8864 Spencer Wells Artery Forceps | Curved 18cm/7in
8865 Spencer Wells Artery Forceps | Straight 18cm/7in
8808 Chest Drain Clamp 18cm/7in
7085 Vasectomy Forceps | Sharp Ended 15cm/6in
7047 Sponge Holding Forceps 18cm/7in
8862 Sponge Holding Forceps 25cm/10in
single use surgical clamps


SKU Description Length
7070 Adson Micro Forceps Non-Toothed 12.5cm/5in
7079 Magills Forceps | Adult 25cm/10in
7080 Magills Forceps | Child 20cm/8in
8830 Adson Forceps Non-Toothed 12.5cm/5in
8831 Adson Micro Forceps Toothed 12.5cm/5in
8844 Hartman Alligator Forceps | Extra Fine 14.5cm/5.5in
8890 Adson Forceps Toothed 12.5cm/5in
7078 Mcindoe Forceps 15cm/6in
7042 Iris Forceps Non-Toothed 10cm/4in
8802 Arthur Splinter Forceps 14cm/5.5in
8813 Plastic Forceps 13cm/5in
8846 Hunter Splinter Forceps 11cm/4.5in
disposable forceps


SKU Description Size
8809 Intraoral Mouth Prop Large
8810 Intraoral Mouth Prop Medium
8811 Intraoral Mouth Prop Small
single use mouth props


SKU Description Length
8825 Halsey Needle Holder 13cm/5in
8854 Mayo Needle Holder 15cm/6in
disposable needle holders


SKU Description Length
8860 Nail Cutter Curved Roller Spring 14.5cm/5.5in
8861 Podiatry Nail Cutter - Soft Grip Curved R/S 14.5cm/5.5in
8867 Thwaites Nail Splitter 14cm/5.5in
7083 Cantilever Nail Cutter 15.5cm/6in
7057 Nail Elevator 13cm/5in
7400 Tissue Nipper 10cm/4in
7095 Ingrowing Toenail Nipper 12cm/5in
podiatry nail clippers and cutters


SKU Description Length
7037 Lister Bandage Scissor 14.5cm/5.5in
7049 Dressing Scissor 13cm/5in
7084 Lister Bandage Scissor 18cm/7in
7086 Suture Scissors Hook Point 11.5cm/4.5in
8847 Iris Scissors | Curved 11.5cm/4.5in
8848 Iris Scissors | Straight 11.5cm/4.5in
8855 Mayo Scissors | Curved 17cm/6.5in
8857 Mayo Scissors | Straight 17cm/6.5in
8858 Metzenbaum Scissors | Curved 14cm/5.5in
8859 Metzenbaum Scissors | Straight 14cm/5.5in
sterile scissors disposable


SKU Description Size
8869 Vaginal Speculum Small
8870 Vaginal Speculum Medium
8872 Vaginal Speculum Large
disposable vaginal speculum


SKU Description Length
8803 Baby Tischler Wittner Cervical Punch Biopsy Forceps 23cm/9in
8853 Vulsellum Forceps 23cm/9in
8820 Schumacher Cervical Biopsy Punch Forceps 23cm/9in
7021 Hegar Dilator Size ¾ -
7094 Hegar Dilator Size ½ -
8821 Teale Tenaculum Forceps 23cm/9in
7024 IUD Hook 31cm/12in
disposable cervical biopsy forcep

The Instrapac offering is comprehensive and ever-increasing. If there is an instrument need you don't see on this page, please reach out to your STERIS Account Manager to inquire about availability in our catalog, which includes a wider breadth of single-use sterile instruments. We are happy to assist you in finding the correct single-use sterile offering for your facility! Click here for an inquiry.

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