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SmartBand® multi-band ligation system

The SmartBand multi-band ligation system is used for banding esophageal varices, including bleeding esophageal varices, at or above the gastroesophageal junction and ligating internal hemorrhoids. This endoscopic band ligation system offers both a complete endoscopic ligation kit and a reloading pack for those cases where extra bands are required. There are two types of kits and packs available: those with bands that are manufactured with natural rubber latex, and those with bands that are not manufactured with natural rubber latex. All options offer a 24-month shelf life. Click below to learn more about these endoscopic ligation products.


SmartBand Multi-Band Ligation System

SmartBand® multi-band ligation kit

  • Consists of a ligating handle with a universal connector, loading device, flush tube, Pentax adaptor, and barrel with six bands
  • Features a universal connector that connects the handle to the endoscope and is compatible with multiple endoscope styles
  • Offers 10FR inner diameter handle stem that enables maximum suction capabilities
  • Available with bands that are made with natural latex and bands that are not made with natural rubber latex, both offering a 24-month shelf life

SmartBand Ligation Packs

SmartBand® multi-band ligation pack

  • Offer ability to load additional bands during a procedure to reduce costs and set up time for cases that require more than six bands
  • Specialized UV protected packaging maintains band ligation performance for up to 24 months
  • Bands that are made with natural latex and bands that are not made with natural rubber latex
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