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Ensure you get the most out
of your STERIS equipment

Water and steam quality in Sterile Processing Departments is vital
for your equipment to run efficiently.


Utility Support to Improve Water and Steam Quality

Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs) face utility challenges daily. Issues with water and steam quality in your equipment can negatively impact your hospital’s surgery schedule, risk patient safety, damage surgical instruments, and impact service life.

Water and Steam

Benefits to utilizing STERIS Utility Support:

Maximizes equipment uptime

Helps maximize equipment uptime

Surgical Instruments

Properly sterilized hospital-owned and vendor-loaned surgical instruments

Minimal delays in the surgical schedule

Minimal delays in the surgical schedule

Increase in surgical instrument and equipment lifespan

Prolongs service life


STERIS Utility Support provides insights and tools for effective water and steam quality. These technologies help to keep your SPD running efficiently and minimize downtime of your equipment.

Recommended utility support are tailored to the specific needs of your department!




  • 0.1 micron filtration
  • Additional condensation removal from steam lines
  • Helps to minimize wet packs and rejected instrument sets
  • Smaller footprint & easier filter replacement

scale back pro water descaler

Scale Back Pro

  • Reduces scale buildup due to poor water quality
  • Helps maximize equipment uptime
  • Helps extend equipment life with regular chamber flushing
  • Maintains the desired performance of integral and stand-alone steam generators

testing water quality

Water and Steam QualiTest

  • Fast, effective test of incoming water and steam condensate quality performed onsite
  • Includes a formal Customer report for water quality insights
  • Provides better visibility into water quality issues impacting equipment
  • Testing water quality identifies issues more quickly, before and during equipment installation

Steam Sample Pro


  • Safely sample steam condensate
  • Supports Facility ST108 Compliance
  • Designed to work with all STERIS steam sterilizer equipment
  • Helps limit sample impurities
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