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Autoclave Chamber Cleaning

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recommends regular autoclave chamber cleaning in its equipment maintenance supplement to ensure your autoclave/sterilizer continues to perform to your expectations. Over time, substances accumulate on chamber walls and can contaminate packs and hinder sterilizer performance. STERIS Instrument Management Services' patented Chamber Cleaning System removes substances from chamber walls, without damaging the surface of your sterilizer.


Autoclave Chamber Cleaning System Benefits

The STERIS IMS sterilizer chamber cleaning system is an environmentally safe1, 3 to 5-hour automated process that can be scheduled during off hours. Every autoclave chamber cleaning includes documentation of service and meets or exceeds The Joint Commission* & AAMI** equipment maintenance requirements, helping you stay compliant.

STERIS IMS's patented autoclave chamber cleaning system:

  • Removes most substances built up on autoclave chamber walls that can contaminate sterile packs or lead to drainsystem blockage
  • Promotes efficient heating within the chamber walls
  • Improves sterilizer chamber aesthetics and extends useful life
  • Can eliminate unnecessary downtime and chargeable service calls
  • Is compact and self-contained so that adjacent equipment can be used during cleaning

1 Process is enclosed (except on floor loader or non-STERIS units with various door sizes). Acid and alkaline are neutralized prior to disposal.
*The Joint Commission Environment of Care, Element of Performance EC02.04.05, EP4 2016
** ANSI/AAMI ST79:2017 Section 12.4