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ConnectCare Equipment Service Technology Platform

  • Cloud-based equipment service and operator troubleshooting software with mobile capability
  • Technology designed to help equipment operators
  • Empowers hospital department management with real-time connected operations - always know how your equipment is running
  • A user-friendly interface makes this a simple-to-use and effective real-time service relationship platform


Product Overview

The ConnectCare technology platform combines high-quality STERIS service with innovative technology to help reduce downtime, enhance the operator experience, and deliver remarkable outcomes. From the operating room (OR) to the sterile processing department (SPD), your teams can rely on access to real-time data to resolve potential issues more efficiently and maximize facility uptime.

Benefits & Features

ConnectCare provides advantages for healthcare facilities by providing on-demand access to preventive maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting documents. This unique platform delivers our Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities by connecting your equipment to the cloud and providing real-time equipment performance data to your department to help your staff operate your equipment better. Also, it helps our local technicians service your equipment more effectively.

ConnectCare helps your department maintain compliance records by providing easy access to preventive maintenance documentation and all repair histories. It's available at your fingertips, when and where you want it.

ConnectCare plays a vital role in patient safety. Equipment remote monitoring, technician insights, and operator assistance help identify and rectify equipment malfunctions or safety hazards, lowering the risk of accidents or errors during medical procedures. This creates confidence in healthcare providers and patients, reassuring them that the equipment they depend on is appropriately functioning.

Service Portal

Technology Platform

Your gateway to STERIS Service

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Always know how your equipment is running with real-time visibility

Troubleshooting Center

Troubleshooting Center

Access to troubleshooting tips/procedures to help resolve alarms

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Increases opportunities for remote resolution by Technical Care agents

Operator Assistant

Operator Assistant

Connected operations help your team complete routine operator tasks

Technician Insight

Technician Insight

Technician data visibility enables an intelligent and proactive response

ConnectCare Service Features

  • Easily schedule service online or via mobile app
  • View currently open service requests and monitor their progress
  • Access detailed preventive maintenance reports
  • Provide equipment remote monitoring
  • Download Field Service Reports for completed activities
  • Access digital operator manuals
  • Access exclusive quarterly deals
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How it Works

ConnectCare provides a gateway to transforming the STERIS Service experience for our Customers. With ConnectCare, you can submit and manage service requests, generate summary reports, view operator manuals, and much more in an intuitive online portal.

Access to ConnectCare equipment monitoring and remote assistance is part of a STERIS Total Care Connect equipment care plan. Equipment remote monitoring enables hospitals to monitor the performance and status of their medical equipment in real-time. This ensures that any issues or malfunctions can be identified and rectified promptly with the help of STERIS’s Technical Care agents, reducing downtime and guaranteeing that the medical equipment is ready for use.

Customers can also access this new technology platform through the following:

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Equipment Care Plans

Preventive Care Labor Care Total Care Connect
Meets OEM recommended maintenance & safety standards Check Check Check
Travel fee covered Check Check Check
Scheduled Maintenance - LABOR Check Check Check
Scheduled Maintenance - PARTS Check If Required Check
Unscheduled Repair - LABOR   Check Check
Unscheduled Repair - PARTS     Check
Service Portal Nominal Fee Nominal Fee Check
Troubleshooting Center     Check
Remote Assistance     Check
Remote Monitoring*     Check
Operator Assistance*     Check
Technician Insight*     Check

*Available for equipment eligible for connectivity with our new hardware connectivity kit. Review the eligibility matrix for a complete list.

ConnectCare platform is a valuable tool for managing and maintaining your medical equipment. Request a demo today to learn how to maintain excellent performance and longevity of your medical equipment by averting unexpected breakdowns and minimizing downtime.

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What is STERIS ConnectCare?

ConnectCare is a technology platform developed by STERIS to enrich Customer experience at many levels for equipment operators, Biomedical Engineers, OR staff, and hospital administration, providing real-time service relationship management and data to help make effective decisions and transform how they work.

What key value does ConnectCare provide operationally to facilities?

ConnectCare provides operational efficiency gains through enriched access to equipment performance data, with an 80% reduction in time to request service and faster troubleshooting.

What kind of training and support does STERIS provide to healthcare professionals who use ConnectCare?

STERIS Client Success Management Team leads our Customers through onboarding and training activities to optimize adoption for your team's success. Online training is available on demand when necessary.

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