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Washer Rack Performance Check

  • Provides inspection of washer racks for possible cracks, broken parts, or other damage
  • Ensures that spray arms are properly functioning for peak performance
  • Reduces downtime and costly repairs


Maintain an efficient workflow with STERIS’s Washer Rack Performance Check. This routine care helps keep washer racks performing correctly by regularly inspecting critical components and replacing worn parts when needed to provide maximum uptime.

Why Performance Checks for STERIS Washer Racks?

Over time, washer racks may become worn and damaged from everyday use. If not regularly checked, washer racks can experience improper spinning of spray arms and damage to bushings or other components resulting in cleaning efficiency issues and preventable equipment damage or broken parts leading to costly repairs and undesirable downtime. Washer Rack Performance Check Contracts help facilities to receive conditional replacement or repair of the spray tip assembly inspection, spray arms, bushings, handles, hoses, bumpers, and inspections of metal components for damage.

What does the Washer Rack Performance Check include?

The washer rack is not a standard part of a STERIS maintenance and service contract for washer disinfectors. The Washer Rack Performance Check offering is available standalone, or as an add-on to a STERIS Equipment Care Plan to cover that gap. Two performance checks are done annually, during the second and final washer Preventive Maintenance inspections of the year.

With the performance check, a STERIS Service technician inspects the functionality of the washer rack and schedules service if the Customer wishes to proceed. The washer rack parts are inspected and replaced as necessary.

The Washer Rack Performance Check service covers the following aspects of STERIS washer racks:

  • Spray arms
  • Spray arm bushings
  • Spray arm tips1
  • Handles
  • Hoses
  • Bumpers

If metal parts are cracked or broken, STERIS can schedule a welding service.2

Connect with a STERIS Service Representative today and find out if your washer racks qualify.


1 Spray arm tips will be rebuilt/repaired by STERIS but not replaced

2 Broken or cracked metal parts will require welding service not performed by STERIS which can be provided at an additional cost

Washer Rack Performance Checks are available for these STERIS Washer Disinfector Racks:

Item # Description
FD106 2-Level Equal Space Long Manifold Rack
FD105 2-Level Long Manifold Rack
FD116 General Purpose Basket
FDV70S-500 2-Level Manifold Rack
FD57S-800 2-Level Manifold Rack Assembly, 777
FD72S-100 2-Level Suction Tips & Instrument Rack, 777
FD74-800 2-level Vision Manifold Rack
FD79-100 2-level Vision Manifold Rack, Evenly Split
FD112 3-Level Long Manifold Base Rack
FD107 3-Level Long Manifold Rack
FD02-6 3-Level Manifold Rack (Increased Height) with Removable MIS Upper Insert
FD77-900 3-Level Manifold Rack with Removable MIS Upper Insert
FD74-900 3-level Vision Manifold Rack
FD108 4-Level Long Manifold Rack
FD144 4-Level Manifold Rack, US Trays - Long
FD109 4-Level Orthopedic Long Manifold Rack
FD75-000 4-level Single-Chamber Manifold Rack
FDV72-000 4-Level Suction Tips and Instrument Manifold Rack
FD75-100 4-level Vision Manifold Rack
FD110 5-Level Long Manifold Rack
FD75-200 5-Level Vision Manifold Rack
FD70-400 Anesthesia/Respiratory Rack
FD137 Anesthesia/Respiratory Long Rack
FD111 MIS Long Instrument Rack
FD113 Ophthalmic Long Manifold Rack
FD66-400 Rigid MIS Instrument Rack
FD138 Upper Insert for MIS Instruments / 68 Jet Connections / 24 Tube Connections
FD139 Upper Insert for Ophthalmic Instruments / 4x12 Connections - Long
FD78-000 Vision Anesthesia/Respiratory Rack

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Preventive Maintenance Packs

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