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STERIS Surgical Table Revive Max Program

STERIS Revive Max surgical table refurbishment is performed by qualified technicians, driven by our comprehensive 42-Point Certification Process. Learn more or request a quote on

Many highly efficient, budget-conscious medical facilities face a demand to maintain their surgical equipment beyond its typical service life. Continually servicing older equipment can cause operational setbacks due to equipment downtime and, in some cases, create issues with reliability and quality that lead to costly outcomes.

The STERIS Revive Max Program provides Customers with a way to maintain and restore their existing surgical tables to like-new condition. The Revive Max Program leverages STERIS’s dedicated Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Equipment refurbishment facility to ensure the surgical table’s mechanical operations and physical aesthetics are certified to meet OEM standards.1


  • Save on Your Bottom Line
    Revive Max from STERIS CPO is a nationwide, invaluable resource to surgical centers, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. Customers save on the total cost of ownership while maintaining the functionality of their equipment – even on a budget.
  • Rely on the Professionals
    STERIS Revive Max ensures operational and aesthetic refurbishment of all aspects of your surgical table. You can rely on STERIS CPO and our commitment to an unparalleled level of certification, assuring OEM quality standards.
  • STERIS Certified Quality Guaranteed
    Need more convincing? Whether you have equipment that needs refurbishing or you're looking for already refurbished equipment, you won’t find a better option. STERIS delivers QUALITY AND RELIABILITY with our unique and uncompromising 42-Point Certification Process, 2-Year Warranty, and a variety of SecureCare® Service options.

Revive Your Surgical Table

How STERIS Revive Max Program works:

CPO Evaluation

1. STERIS CPO Equipment Transport & Inspection
Your surgical table ships securely to STERIS's dedicated refurbishment location, the STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment facility. STERIS Technicians perform a series of inspections and begin the STERIS Certified Pre-Owned 42-Point Certification Process.

CPO Refurbishment

2. STERIS CPO Refurbishment
STERIS Technicians inspect equipment throughout the replacement and refurbishment stages, from internal systems to exterior surfaces and components. The STERIS CPO process ensures optimal equipment operation and aesthetics to meet the OEM performance and quality standards.

Equipment Delivery

3. STERIS CPO Equipment Delivery
Upon your equipment passing STERIS's CPO post-refurbishment process quality checks and inspections, STERIS delivers your equipment back to your facility. Take advantage of available service options for your equipment’s delivery and aftercare.

Take Advantage of Revive Max

Our Customers trust us to provide the highest quality equipment service for their operating rooms and surgical suites. Now, you can rely on STERIS for the highest quality refurbishment of your surgical tables with Revive Max and STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment. Keep your facility’s surgical tables up and running and enjoy the peace of mind of a 2-year warranty and more than 1,000+ Technicians in North America to help keep equipment operating at peak performance.

Explore our SecureCare® Service offerings to find a maintenance option that fits your needs. From 24/7 technical support to on-site trainings, our dedicated team can help improve equipment uptime and positively impact facility productivity.


STERIS CPO Equipment Warranty

STERIS offers a two-year warranty for all Certified Pre-Owned equipment.


  • The STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment program is offered solely by STERIS and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or supported by other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment is refurbished by STERIS.
  • Product specifications and information could differ depending on the manufacturer, date of manufacture, product series, or model or as determined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and are subject to change. As a reseller of pre-owned equipment, STERIS refurbishes to any known or available performance characteristics for the specific series or model of product. All Certified Pre-Owned Equipment undergoes a multi-point functionality inspection and is certified to meet STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Refurbishing Program standards.
  • STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment may or may not include OEM resource materials (e.g., instruction manuals, guides, and other documentation) or OEM parts.
  • For warranty information, please see: STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Warranty
  • Operations located in North America; STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment is intended for sale within the Americas.
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