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Healthcare facilities rely on the dependability and effectiveness of their equipment to achieve quality patient care and optimal productivity. SecureCare® ProConnect® Technical Support Services is driven by real-time data to remotely monitor equipment performance to resolve potential issues more efficiently and maximize facility uptime.

ProConnect® Technical Support Services comes standard in all comprehensive service plans.

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  • Biomed using remote monitoring system for STERIS equipment.
  • Technical support services via remote monitoring program.
  • Electronic files from STERIS remote monitoring system.

ProConnect® Technical Support Services connects your equipment to STERIS field technicians, giving real-time data on your device history and performance to better assist in the maintenance and repair of your equipment.

  • Equipment alarms
    • Be alerted when and why equipment triggers an alarm.
    • Determine the appropriate course of action with customizable alarm action preferences based on criticality.
    • Increase STERIS technicians' ability to immediately service your equipment due to advanced visibility of your equipment alarms.
  • Remote troubleshooting – STERIS Service Experts are on call to help instruct your staff with remote diagnosis using your device alarm history and cycle tapes.
  • Biomed support – Service history allows biomeds to analyze equipment performance trends.

The ProConnect® Technical Support Services Equipment Dashboard offers a holistic view of equipment operation, performance, issues log, recurring problems, and total uptime and downtime of equipment to aid in department planning and to mitigate risk.

  • Monitor
  • Equipment Dashboard
  • Alarm History
  • Cycle Tapes
  • Service Reports

The security of data and IT networks at healthcare facilities is a vital part of compliance and data protection. ProConnect Technical Support Services ensures that data is encrypted as it goes from your device to STERIS Services and back to your desktop.

  • Proactive security measures – the STERIS network is protected by intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus programs and firewalls to ensure the security of the infrastructure and protection of data.
  • Data collection – ProConnect® Technical Support Services only collects equipment performance and operational data, never HIPAA or patient-related information.
  • Implementation – ProConnect® Technical Support Services' server only needs outgoing access to the STERIS public IP address to transmit and collect equipment data. Users can login to ProConnect® Technical Support Services to view the data using any current browser.
Secure Connectivity

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