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Annual Preventive Maintenance
Parts & Labor Kits

  • STERIS technician working to conduct preventive maintenance.

Annual preventive maintenance is required to keep your sterile processing equipment up and running. Let STERIS take care of your annual Preventive Maintenance on steam autoclaves/sterilizers, steam generators, ethylene oxide sterilizers, and washers for a flat, all-in-one price with the Annual Preventive Maintenance
Parts & Labor Kits.

The Joint Commission (TJC) audits for preventive maintenance are changing.

Are you ready for your next TJC audit?

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Preventive Maintenance Kits and Services

STERIS Annual Preventive Maintenance Parts & Labor Kits offer:

  • Annual high-quality STERIS OEM preventive maintenance parts
  • Labor to install parts from an experienced STERIS Field Service Representative
  • Detailed documentation of the service visit
  • STERIS parts and labor warranty
  • No contract commitment
  • All work completed in one visit
  • Maintain control of your maintenance program

STERIS will replace annual preventive maintenance parts* while you maintain responsibility for inspections and calibrations.

Equipment Covered by Annual Preventive Maintenance Parts & Labor Kits





Steam Autoclaves/ Sterilizers


AMSCO® Evolution® Steam Sterilizer

AMSCO® Century® Medium Steam Sterilizer

AMSCO® Century® Small Steam Sterilizer

AMSCO® Eagle® 3000 Prevacuum Floor Loading Sterilizers



EO Sterilizers


AMSCO® Eagle® 3017 EO Sterilizer

50 CFM Dispenser


Reliance® Vision™ Single Chamber Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® Vision™ Multi-Chamber Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® Synergy® Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® Genfore™ Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® 444™ Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® 333™ Washer/Disinfector

Reliance® 777 tunnel washers

Reliance® 120/220 and 130 Cart Washer/Disinfectors

AMSCO® Sonic Energy Cleaner

AMSCO® Sonic Energy Console

3400 Amscomatic Washer/Sterilizer

Endoscope Processing

Reliance® EPS Endoscope Processing System


* In accordance with the current STERIS Annual Preventive Maintenance Parts & Labor Program Checklist for these models at the time of service. Parts requiring more than one replacement per year will still need to be replaced by the Customer at the next required interval.

Equipment must be in operating condition to be eligible for the Annual Preventive Maintenance Parts & Labor Kits. Annual Preventive Maintenance Parts & Labor Kits scope of work is subject to change without notice. The replacement of any valve not deemed to be re-buildable will be considered an additional repair and not included in this service. Warranties apply to only those parts replaced or rebuilt as part of the Annual Preventive Maintenance Parts & Labor Kits. Additional repair recommendations will be documented and repairs made available at prevailing billable rates for parts and labor. Prices are applicable during normal working hours of M-F from 8 AM-5 PM. Additional travel charges
may apply.