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Guide to Optimal Steam Generation

All types of steam can provide effective sterilization, but healthcare facilities have choices and should understand the different types of steam generation available. Everyone wants to minimize the occurrence of wet packs, instrument staining, chamber scale/rouge, rouge and other associated challenges, but all of these which depend upon your the quality of... Read More

Selecting the Right Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic cleaning systems provide an automated solution for delicate or highly intricate medical devices. To perform ultrasonic cleaning, an ultrasonic washer uses a cleaning solution, cavitation, and.... Read More

What is Patient Pressure Management?

Proper pressure management during surgery plays an important role in the safety and comfort of the patient. About one-fourth of Healthcare-Associated Infection pressure sores originate in the Operating Room (OR). Pressure management is especially important when treating... Read More

Lithotomy Position Guide

Achieving a proper patient position while maintaining patient comfort and safety is key. When the patient is in the appropriate position, access to the surgical site is improved and the ability to perform the procedure is enhanced. To decrease the risk associated with patient positioning... Read More

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